Lauren Handel Zander | InnerU: How To Human Better

“If we’re not dreaming, we’re not inventing what’s possible for our own lives. This whole Inner.U System is about being true to yourself when you finally find out what ‘true’ actually is for you.” – Lauren Handel Zander Are you fulfilling your dreams or just dreaming? Wellness Force Radio Episode 317 Speaker, Co-Founder and Chairwoman of[…]

The 5 Personality Patterns | Steven Kessler

The 5 Personality Patterns | Steven Kessler “We think that we are the ones making decisions but our personality patterns are the ones in control by keeping us in the past and fueling old traumas. That’s our invisible prison and it will run our lives unless we’re able to focus on being present.” – Steven[…]

The Charisma Quotient: Kim Seltzer

The Charisma Quotient: Kim Seltzer “There’s a lot of scientific proof that image matters and that it can actually help you tap into your confidence. As a therapist, I used to believe that you really have to do the work from the inside out in order to get results. I’ve now found that sometimes and[…]

Mo Gawdat: How To Engineer Your Path To Joy

Discovering Our Inner Joy Regardless of where we are in life, happiness can be possible.  Whether we’re struggling with negative thoughts, an unsatisfying job, or believing we’re not enough, this episode is a powerful reminder that we’re all worthy of self-love, joy, and an amazing life. Today is all about fighting our inner demons and discovering[…]

Fearless And Healthy – Ian Ryan

Become Fearless and Healthy For anyone who has ever felt the feelings of unworthiness that blocks them from living a fearless and healthy life, Ian Ryan is on a mission to inspire and share his message:We are all worthy beyond measure. On this episode of Wellness Force Radio, we’ll discuss personal power, courage, and confidence needed to take imperfectly perfect[…]

Heal Your Skin From Within With Dr. Trevor Cates

“We have two different options. One option is that we can suppress and cover up our skin’s problems with creams, makeup, or topical steroids. However, this is not really addressing the root problem of what is going on with our body. The other option is to really look at what the body is trying to[…]

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