Hemp Oil & Healing: Ret Taylor & Adriaan Zimmerman

Hemp Oil & Healing: Ret Taylor & Adriaan Zimmerman, Founders of Ned “Ned is really for those who are looking to improve and it can be for anyone. We want to be there as a first line of defense for people before they have to resort to doctors and pharmaceuticals. I will never knock Western[…]

Running For Wellness With Elite Runner Tina Muir

“Running is a lot like life. The more you persevere through those difficult moments, the better it feels afterwards. I realized early on that if I could persevere better than most people, I would feel so much better knowing that I overcame the mental demons while I was running.” – Tina Muir Running For Wellness With Elite[…]

Sprinting For A Better Life With Franz Snideman

Sprinting For A Better Life With Franz Snideman On this week’s podcast, Franz Snideman, Senior Strong First Instructor, Primal Move National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter and International Lecturer shares the fundamental importance of educating and coaching clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Today, Franz talks about how we can add sprinting to our fitness routines and[…]

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