Josh Trent | Death & Rebirth: Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Wellness Force…

Josh Trent | Death & Rebirth: Why I'm Saying Goodbye to Wellness Force...

Death & Rebirth: Saying goodbye to Wellness Force and hello to Wellness + Wisdom  “The reason that the Wellness Force podcast is dying and Wellness + Wisdom is being birthed is because I have gone through a cycle of death and rebirth myself, the old version. I know all the parents can relate or […]

Paul Chek | All Is God: Three Part Series

What is your relationship with God? How do you see God in your life? Are you an atheist, nihilist, Christian, Buddhist, Jew or Islam? Do you have anger towards God or towards religion? What inside of your soul is looking for peace? In this 3 part series we will explore the history of religion… The […]

Luke Storey: Relationships, Consciousness, & Coming Home To Yourself

“I used to put myself into so many situations relationally where I was always holding my breath and thinking, ‘Well, at least I’m not fully committed to this so I’m free.’ But how is holding your breath being free?” – Luke Storey Wellness + Wisdom Episode 361 Motivational speaker, world-class biohacker, and host of The […]

Josh Macin: How To Detox Yourself From A Toxic World

“Most people are dealing with a massive amount of toxins in their system; it’s impossible not to have any. The chemicals in our tap water, amalgam fillings, GMOs, pesticides, vaccinations, seafood, and most skincare are all synthesized products that we are inundated with on the skin, in the mouth, in the body, and it affects […]

Tara Garrison: Inside Out Health

“Wellness is being aligned with truth. Listen to your intuition; you know what’s truth and what’s not. Honor your truth and whatever feels right to you on a spiritual, mental, physical, or nutritional level and I promise you that your intuition will take you on the path that you need to go.” – Tara Garrison Wellness […]

Dr. Kelly Brogan | The Spiral Path: How To Own & Love Your Self

“You must be committed to put your self-care first and do that every day. From that space, everything gets clear, and you find yourself the protagonist in the adventure of your most beautiful life.” – Dr. Kelly Brogan in her book, Own Your Self Hey Friends! My name is Josh Trent and I have a […]

Natalie Jill: Aging In Reverse

“To me, aging in reverse now means having that same childlike wonder that we had as kids. When we believed that anything was possible, we were creative, and we actually lived for love and joy. Like kids on a beach, aging in reverse happens when you’re present, have no sense of time, and just care […]

Kelly Noonan Gores | Heal: Awaken the Powerful Healer Within

“You need all the power you can get to heal and you need life force energy and if you’re in victimhood, if you feel powerless that something is happening to you, that your body is breaking down or these tumors are out of control or whatever, that’s going to hinder your healing. So, the more […]

Jeff Agostinelli: Slaying The Dragon of Resistance

“Most people have a very predictable way of how they respond to what we would call resistance but setting up different conditions allows you to literally scramble the circuits and then start to make new choices of how you react to difficult situations.” – Jeff Agostinelli Are you ready to take your life to the next […]

John Chavez: How To Create DMT Naturally Inside Your Body

“Endogenous DMT acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; so, producing these sorts of chemicals would seem to be optimal for the brain. There’s enough evidence to show that endogenous DMT produced by proper breathwork creates more optimized fluid dynamics in the brain and thus allowing us to kind of clear out debris; not only when […]

David Hauser: How To Create Personal Freedom & Be Unstoppable In Life

“Routine and structure are what gives us the freedom to be unstoppable.” – David Hauser Are you feeling momentum in a flow state or are have you hit a stitch? Wellness + Wisdom Episode 322 Entrepreneur, speaker, angel investor, and author of Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life, David Hauser, shares how to create […]

Eric Zimmer: The One You Feed

“Self-love is both the way I prevent and treat depression.” – Eric Zimmer How can you prevent and treat depression like you would the common cold? Wellness + Wisdom Episode 320 Behavior Coach, Host of The One You Feed Podcast, and Author, Eric Zimmer, shares a new approach to looking at mental health, why depression […]

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan | Super Wellness: Become Your Own Best Healer

“What nourishment on a physical level are you craving that is not diet or exercise related? What nourishment on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level do you need? We’re not lacking the right diet; we’re missing out on love, kindness, and connection in our lives.” – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan Are you controlling your health […]

Aaron Hinde: Faith, Family, Fatherhood, & FITAID

“The biggest thing that all entrepreneurs should be doing is to be really in tune with our bodies and the signs that something is wrong. It just kills the momentum in business when we stop taking care of ourselves. So, paying attention to the signs and being consistent with your routines such as fitness, diet, […]

Cory Allen: Now Is The Way

“We tend to react to life instead of respond to it but when you’re able to recognize when negative thoughts arise and choose to not act on them, not to say them, not to believe them and throw them into the mindfulness gap, you can create this whole different version of yourself.” – Cory Allen […]

300 Special Edition: Top Lessons Learned From 300+ Shows

Hey Friends! My name is Josh Trent and I have a passion for Breathwork.. for SO many reasons. From an early age I struggled with anxiety and before I knew it, food, drugs, and porn became coping mechanisms that took me 25 years to learn how to let go of… If I only had the […]

Christa Orecchio: The Adrenal Recode

“The Adrenal Recode helps you focus on how you move, breathe, think, and what you do during the day. It is giving people the most powerful yet clinical, intuitive, nutrition possible because it allows you to peer inside yourself and recognize how you feel and how your body responds when you do or don’t have […]

Chase Chewning: Living Life Ever Forward

“To live life ever forward, the only question that matters is, ‘How did you love?’ How did you love your neighbor? How did you love yourself? At the end of the day, that’s all I want in my wellness capsule. Love with movement, love with nutrition, love with my significant other, love with the present […]

Dr. Jade Teta: How To Be A Next Level Human

“The new alpha male is an authentic male. Just be your true self and then work on the Next Level Human principles of power, presence, and warmth. If we want to do our job and make a difference in this world, that’s how we need to be to connect with other humans.” – Dr. Jade […]

Dan Brulé: 40 Years of Breath Mastery For Body, Mind, & Soul

Hey Friends! My name is Josh Trent and I have a passion for Breathwork.. for SO many reasons. From an early age I struggled with anxiety and before I knew it, food, drugs, and porn became coping mechanisms that took me 25 years to learn how to let go of… If I only had the […]

Greg Woodhill: What Porn Does To The Brain & Heart

“A porn addict is looking for warmth, comfort, and connection but they’re scared of being vulnerable and rejected by someone in real life. So, the brain has found a synthetic version of the connection they’re craving. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel intimacy but they have been conditioned to be less relational as far […]

Vanessa Lambert: How To Find Your Authentic Self

“Authenticity lies in the seed of your soul. When you explore your authenticity, you will be aligned and feel at home with yourself. By being authentically you, you will no longer be fighting your thoughts, you will feel comfortable in your own skin, and life isn’t confusing or confronting anymore.” – Vanessa LambertWhat specific tools, […]

What’s Really Going On With My Thyroid? – Dr. Michael Ruscio

“Gut health symptoms can look like thyroid hormone symptoms but they’re actually gut-driven symptoms. The challenge is that so many symptoms are non-specific. You can be fatigued and depressed from a gut issue or hypothyroidism.” – Dr. Michael Ruscio Are your gut health issues actually a thyroid problem? Wellness + Wisdom Episode 278 Doctor, clinical […]

How To Access Your Inner Coach: Christine Hassler

“Our ego and inner coach are not the same. Our ego is always looking for control and a result but our inner coach is not. Our inner coach keeps us present by looking for being with what is, accepting what is, and finding out what we can learn from it.” – Christine Hassler How To […]

From Illness To Wellness: Adrienne Nolan-Smith

From Illness To Wellness: Adrienne Nolan-Smith “Wellness is a 360-degree life approach to wanting to be your best and live your best. The one hundred choices we make a day truly impact our health. From who we spend our time with to how we talk to ourselves to the food we put in our mouth. […]

Udo’s Oil & The Wellness State of Mind: Udo Erasmus

Udo’s Oil & The Wellness State of Mind: Udo Erasmus “Live from the heart. If you live with your awareness centered in the chest instead of in the head, you will feel whole. If your state of being is whole, then everything else unfolds with ease.” – Udo Erasmus How much of a positive impact […]

The 5 Personality Patterns | Steven Kessler

The 5 Personality Patterns | Steven Kessler “We think that we are the ones making decisions but our personality patterns are the ones in control by keeping us in the past and fueling old traumas. That’s our invisible prison and it will run our lives unless we’re able to focus on being present.” – Steven […]

Evolutionary Wholeness: Stefanos Sifandos

Evolutionary Wholeness: Stefanos Sifandos“When we realize that we are not our thoughts or actions, we can begin to become less attached to what we were and create a new version of ourselves.” – Stefanos SifandosDo you wake up in the morning being pulled by life or do you have to push and trudge every day? […]

“Toxic” Femininity & Masculinity: How The Establishment Divides Us | Boysen Hodgson

“Toxic” Femininity & Masculinity: How The Establishment Divides Us | Boysen Hodgson “Masculinity and femininity are inherently beautiful, yet the media has distorted these words with the phrase “toxic.” Together, now we get to decide as a culture how to move forward with a new narrative. Society is changing, and we’re not going backward.” – […]

The Top 8 Podcasts of 2018

My friend, we’ve arrived at the end of yet another incredible year of 250+ podcast episodes discovering the physical and emotional intelligence to live life well. **Enter To Win A Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi! To enter to win a *Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi: all you have to do is leave a 5-star […]

How To Reinvent Yourself: Peter Sage

How To Reinvent Yourself: Peter Sage “There’s a big difference in following your passion and following your potential. Following your passion is a comfort zone in which you feel good because there is no challenge. Following your potential will require you to leave that comfort zone in order to realize that potential.”  – Peter Sage Are […]

Anders Varner & Doug Larson From Barbell Shrugged

Anders Varner & Doug Larson From Barbell Shrugged “For inner strength, you can’t just steamroll emotions. You have to deal with them, but first, you must also want to do the work. You have to want to slow down and learn about meditation, emotions, and vulnerability.” – Anders Varner What can we learn and take […]

The Seed Huntress: Sefra Alexandra

The Seed Huntress: Sefra Alexandra “Monocrops are the number one most susceptible crop to pests, destruction, and possibly famine. By saving seeds, we maintain crop diversity. When we save seeds and store them, we’re not relying on the potential doom and gloom of industrial agricultural systems.” – Sefra Alexandra We find ourselves in a pinch […]

Healing The Second Brain: Dr. Michael Ruscio

Healing The Second Brain: Dr. Michael Ruscio “If you want to have a healthy brain, you have to have a healthy gut. Someone who has depression and brain fog can feel better in just a couple of months by understanding the enteric nervous system and healing their gut.” – Dr. Michael Ruscio How does the […]

The Revolution Is Coming: Paul Chek

Hey Friends! My name is Josh Trent and I have a passion for Breathwork.. for SO many reasons. From an early age I struggled with anxiety and before I knew it, food, drugs, and porn became coping mechanisms that took me 25 years to learn how to let go of… If I only had the […]

A Hero’s Journey & Human Optimization: Kyle Kingsbury

A Hero’s Journey & Human Optimization: Kyle Kingsbury “Ultimate forgiveness is really knowing that I’m not going to hold this grudge in me anymore. That goes into letting go, surrendering, and all teachings from the plant medicine. If I can truly forgive, that’s me taking this weight off of me because otherwise, I’m carrying that […]

Harder To Kill, #MeToo, & Strength: Steph Gaudreau

Harder To Kill, #MeToo, & Strength: Steph Gaudreau “Strength has several facets; it can mean being quiet, surrendering, or letting go of things. Strength isn’t always just this raw charge moving forward. Sometimes, strength is realizing that you need to give yourself a rest day.” – Steph Gaudreau Whether you are a mother, an entrepreneur, or […]

The Art of Realness: Conner Moore

The Art of Realness: Conner Moore “Understand your previous paths. Where have you gotten lost? What were your emotional triggers? Everyone has experienced it; we’ve all been caught up in a thought before without realizing it. Self-reflection will allow you to uncover what you’re hiding from so that you can discover your triggers. Is there […]

Healing & Human Optimization Through Psychedelics: Brad Burge

Healing & Human Optimization Through Psychedelics: Brad Burge “MAPS isn’t just developing treatments for mental illnesses. We’re not just working within the system; we’re also challenging the system. There’s this idea that there’s something broken in our brains such that we need to medicate it with these laboratory designed pharmaceuticals and that we as human […]

Cognitive Bias: Evolving From Psychic Injury | Jesse Lawler

Cognitive Bias: Evolving From Psychic Injury | Jesse Lawler “Understanding of cognitive bias is a great inroad to self-acceptance of your own having made bad decisions because it’s something we’re all saddled with; every single one of us. Everyone is set up with the same set of biases. At this point, most cognitive biases are […]

How To Live To 110: Wendy Myers

How To Live To 110: Wendy Myers “Metal detoxification and addressing the body bioenergetically is really important. I actually haven’t seen anything that works as well as bioenergetics as far as addressing health issues. Heavy metals and chemicals are definitely a huge threat to our health on so many levels. I’m so amazed that almost […]

What’s Your Frequency Type? – Robyn Openshaw

What’s Your Frequency Type? – Robyn Openshaw “You have to start with yourself by being honest with people when they hurt your feelings and accept the fact that they might do it again. You have to stand there in that vulnerability and a temporary feeling of loneliness but doing that actually results in the repair […]

Finding Mastery: Micheal Gervais

Finding Mastery: Micheal Gervais “An authentic expression of oneself is right at the center of what mastery looks like and feels like. That is available to all of us, but it requires an inward journey. There’s a real journey that’s required to get to the core insights of what makes you ‘you.’ Fulfillment, peace, happiness, […]

Top 10 Wellness Force Guests (Best of The Best: Celebrating 200 Shows)

My friend, we’ve arrived, this is it, episode 200 of Wellness + Wisdom! **Enter To Win A Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi! To enter to win a *Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi: all you have to do is leave a 5 star review right here for the podcast on iTunes right from your phone or computer during […]

Allison Melody: How Food Heals

Allison Melody: How Food Heals “We’re all different. We all have different blood types, DNA, heritage, and the food that grows in one neighborhood is different than somewhere else. So, we have to eat what’s best for us and that’s a self-discovery journey that we all have to go on. There is no perfect diet.” […]

Jordan Taylor Wright: How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success

Jordan Taylor Wright: How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success “The desire to tune into your body comes from wanting to feel good and discover what allows you to actually vibrate with this high frequency and become something greater than yourself. An amazing way to do that is through art. When I’m editing, filming, or taking […]

Mary Shores | Conscious Communications: Harnessing The Power of Your Word

Mary Shores | Conscious Communications: Harnessing The Power of Your Word “Words are a mirror to our subconscious. So, when you hear me say, ‘I want to write a book,’ you can see that written on my soul like it’s my purpose. However, I have a big problem when the next words that come out […]

Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett: Stop Making It So Hard

Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett: Stop Making It So Hard “Being healthy doesn’t have to be this difficult challenge every day. I can make it easier for myself to live a healthier life by taking baby steps and focusing on basic things. I have to remind myself that working hard at being healthy doesn’t have […]

Alissa Daire Nelson: The Power & Paradox of Vulnerability

Alissa Daire Nelson: The Power & Paradox of Vulnerability “Being vulnerable simply means admitting that you have challenges too. There’s a difference between airing your dirty laundry and sharing some vulnerability. When you share vulnerability, there is a purpose of connecting and a solution-oriented talk rather than just complaining and feeling bad about yourself. If […]

Mark Shapiro: The Art of Authentic Connection

Mark Shapiro: The Art of Authentic Connection “What can social media be? We can either waste time on our smartphones with social media or we can invest our time in social media. That’s what my birthday experiment is about. It’s about investing time in relationships and giving our time, energy, and love away to others.” […]

Justin Andrews & Josh Trent CES LIVE 2018

Justin Andrews & Josh Trent: CES LIVE 2018 “Technology is not going away and if we can learn how to use it more effectively, then we can respect technology and our relationships in real life. That’s especially important for me when it comes to my children; I want them to learn how to use technology […]

Movement As Medicine: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta

Movement As Medicine: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta “There’s no such thing as discipline; there’s just love. You’ll naturally gravitate towards what you love to do more. That’s the deeper core mission; to find something in this world that you care about so much. Find your passion and live out your dream.” – […]

Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura – Petteri Lahtela

Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura – Petteri Lahtela “The body is unique and so its response to different lifestyles depends on the individual. There’s no guide that lets us know which path to take or what will happen when we make a decision. The Oura ring helps us reflect and become more self-aware.” – Petteri Lahtela […]

Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence – Ashleigh VanHouten

Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence – Ashleigh VanHouten “There are no shortcuts on the road to emotional intelligence.” – Ashleigh VanHouten On today’s podcast we discuss what it takes to become an emotionally present human in our fast paced world full of quick-fixes and constant distractions. There’s no shortage of technologies or supplements for improving our […]

Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord

Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord “The Fee-for-Service medical system is far from what’s best for the patient.” – Dr. Dan Lord Today we are standing tall at RockTapes’s “Rock Stock 2017” with Dr. Dan Lord, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health, as he explains how we can reinvent health […]

Integrative Wellness In The Modern World – Dr. Roger Mignosa

Integrative Wellness In The Modern World – Dr. Roger Mignosa “True healing calls for an integrated approach to our physical, mental, and emotional wellness.” – Dr. Roger Mignosa From head to toe, we are all highly connected and comprehensive human beings. The physical and mental aspects of our life affect each other in powerful ways and […]

The Power of Perspective – Jonathan Lopez & Earl Granville from Operation Enduring Warrior

Operation Enduring Warrior – Jonathan Lopez & Earl Granville “Our time and energy are the most precious things we can give to another human.” – Earl Granville Operation Enduring Warrior is a 100% volunteer-based organization composed of current and former members of the military, family members, and patriotic citizens who wish to give back to our nation’s wounded […]

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen Have you ever considered that our perception of reality might be completely inaccurate? Oftentimes, what we experience in life gets passed through the lens of our own personal identity.  We’ve developed a filtering system based on our upbringing and social conditioning that forms our perspective and conscious awareness. […]

LIVE At Spartan Worlds Lake Tahoe 2017 – Mind Pump

LIVE At Spartan Worlds Lake Tahoe 2017 – Mind Pump “So much money and engineering have gone into our food that companies learned to hijack the body’s natural systems of satiety.” – Sal Di Stefano This episode is for everyone who enjoys hearing the raw truth about fitness and nutrition. Live from Lake Tahoe at the […]

Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology – Dr. Andy Galpin

Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology – Dr. Andy Galpin “We can use fitness technology as a tool for cueing, learning, and sensing instead of as a taskmaster that stresses us out.” – Dr. Andy Galpin Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 134 as author, tenured professor, and podcast host Dr. Andy […]

Christine Hassler – Surviving The Expectation Hangover

Surviving The Expectation Hangover – Christine Hassler Even after challenging times in life when it seems nearly impossible to recover, bouncing back from upsets and failures is still possible. When our expectations are met and things go according to plan, we feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. But when life throws us a curveball […]

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison Today’s podcast shows how we can begin the journey of self-discovery and find our own unique path to health and wellness. We’re joined by author and business strategist Cathy Hutchison, who shares how she changed her long-standing nutritional paradigms and found amazing health and vitality in the process. […]

Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness – Drew Manning

Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness – Drew Manning Building a strong and healthy physique requires more than simply adjusting our diet and exercise. On this episode, speaker, wellness icon, and fitness professional Drew Manning shares his journey and book “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit: The unexpected lessons from gaining and losing 75 lbs on purpose.” […]

Modius & The Neuroscience of Fat Loss – Tom Bilyeu & Dr. Jason McKeown

Tom Bilyeu & Dr. Jason McKeown: Modius & The Neuroscience of Fat Loss Today’s episode reveals the breakthrough weight-loss device “Modius,” from Neurovalens. This non-invasive wearable headband is helping to reduce body fat and increase wellness through activation of the vestibular nerve. Traditionally, wearables have focused on tracking and monitoring. They can tell us things […]

The Four Tendencies – Gretchen Rubin

The Four Tendencies – Gretchen Rubin Today’s episode reveals the hidden aspects of our nature that determine how we respond to the expectations of ourselves and others. On this podcast, we discover Gretchen Rubin’s new book “The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How To Make Your Life Better (And Other People’s Lives […]

What Women Must Know About Men – Faith Shevlin & Josh Trent

Faith Shevlin & Josh Trent on the “IMperfectly Healthy” Podcast “These are topics I have been wanting to cover for a while. It is also an aspect of health and wholeness that I love to talk about. Today we are talking about them all, and gaining insight from the perspective of a MAN….which is key. […]

Real Life But Better – Samantha Lotus

Real Life But Better – Samantha Lotus Real Life But Better – Samantha Lotus: When we’re faced with challenging times and our health, happiness, and lust for life begins to suffer, how can a powerful mindset assist in helping us consciously create a more desirable experience? There are points in our journey when it becomes quite obvious […]

The World Is Your Gym – Craig Ramsay

[spp-player url=”″] The World Is Your Gym – Workout Anywhere & Anytime Craig Ramsay is here to show us that we no longer have to stress out over an intense workout regimen, and that building our physical and emotional fitness can be a fun and enjoyable process. It’s no secret that exercise can be overwhelming when […]

Dr. Kirk Parsley – Sleep To Win

 Dr. Kirk Parsley – Sleep To Win Wellness + Wisdom episode 125 with Dr. Kirk Parsely: In today’s fast-paced society driven by the “hustle and grind” mentality,  sleep is usually the first thing to go. With the demands of the modern world, what practical steps for sleep hygiene can we practice every day to […]

The Future of Diet & Exercise – Justin Andrews & Yaron Hadad

The Future of Diet & Exercise With Justin Andrews & Yaron Hadad With the array of health tools at our disposal in today’s digital landscape, how can we use wellness technology in a new era to create and maintain better health? From the apps that track our sleep and movement to the genetic testing that […]

Aubrey Marcus – Own The Day

Own The Day: Aubrey Marcus Aubrey Marcus Wellness Force Episode 123: With the volume of noise in our modern world that distracts and arouses the egoic mind, how do we awaken more consciousness so we can discover our deeper purpose? We often fall prey to short-term solutions like drugs, alcohol, or social media to cover […]

You Are Powerful Beyond Measure – Stephanie Quinn

 [spp-player url=”″] The Way We Speak To Ourselves The truth is that no matter what narrative the monkey mind tells us, we are all powerful beyond measure. As we explore the depths of this physical and emotional intelligence on the Wellness Force and Wellness Force Friday podcasts, a common theme for all of us on […]

The Truth About Nutrients – Ronnie Landis

The Truth About Nutrients With Ronnie Landis With increasing access to a variety of foods and styles of eating, how can we make sure we receive the majority of nutrients our bodies need to thrive? While innovations in the food and shipping industries have made food more available, there also have been unintended consequences that have come […]

Sustainable Health In A Toxic World – Dr. David Minkoff

Creating Sustainable Health With Dr. David Minkoff It’s no secret that the current condition of our toxic world makes it challenging to build sustainable health and avoid disease. This is also largely due to the fact that our soil and plants don’t contain the same nutritional potency they once did. Even with a clean diet and healthy […]

Alzheimer’s Antidote – Amy Berger

The Alzheimer’s Energy Crisis Cutting edge research over the past 5 years has shown a powerful connection between the brain and gut to prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. With smart nutrition, we can heal our brain and energize the nervous system. But if our lifestyle is filled with processed foods full of artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and sugar; over […]

The Orthorexia Connection – Dr. Michael Ruscio

The Orthorexia Connection With Dr. Michael Ruscio Have you noticed that an over-obsession with health research and chasing the symptom rabbit down all the black holes online can create an unhealthy lifestyle? There is a term for an obsession with excessive elimination diets, and being overly concerned with avoiding foods you believe to be harmful: It’s called orthorexia. […]

A Fresh Perspective On Self-Sabotage – Mike Bundrant

Ending Self-Sabotage With Mike Bundrant Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss self-sabotage, and how to bring our destructive subconscious patterns into awareness. Why do we sometimes act against our own best interests when on some level, we also know what’s best for us? The answer lies in our subconscious motivations.  Most of our unconscious […]

Kathleen Trotter – Finding Your Fit

If you’re currently in the process of finding your fit, understand that the road can sometimes feel long, confusing, and at times, defeating. But what if all the diet plans, workout logs, and protein shakes were actually the furthest thing away from what you actually need to let go of old weight? What our guest today on the podcast shares, […]

Jeff Sanders: The Power of Saying No

Own Your Day Today’s episode with Jeff Sanders teaches us that there is more to time management than meets the eye. In fact, productivity and good time management are key to unlocking greater health and wellness. When we have our energy, focus, and clear mind, any goal can be accomplished with a head-on approach.  In a world […]

Healing From Food Addiction With The Earth Diet – Liana Werner-Gray

Healing From Food Addiction With The Earth Diet Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss openly about food addiction and how to use natural foods to create a life where you no longer have to be a slave to junk food and the emotions that drive their consumption. What is the real difference […]

Stretching Your Second Heart – Nic Bartolotta

Injury Prevention Through DCT Have you ever found yourself taking inspired action towards a new workout program or training regimen, only to wind up succumbing to an injury that keeps you from progressing? Have you ever been curious as to why some people get injured far more than others? Exercise scientists and anatomists have been writing for centuries about […]

Primal Living In The Modern World – Mark Sisson

Rediscover Your Intuition Through Primal Living Is our modern environment taking too large of a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health? Has the digital age led us to lose our primal intuition? From a young age, health and fitness expert, author, and founder of both Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen, Mark Sisson of […]

The Immune System Recovery Plan – Dr. Susan Blum

Heal Your Immune System In Four Steps Antibiotics are supposed to help our immune system recover from viruses, diseases, and other illnesses, but what if they leave us feeling fatigued, unwell, or even worse over time? With long-term use, can antibiotics actually hinder, not heal our immune systems? Besides antibiotics, pesticides and processed food ingredients are […]

Fearless And Healthy – Ian Ryan

Become Fearless and Healthy For anyone who has ever felt the feelings of unworthiness that blocks them from living a fearless and healthy life, Ian Ryan is on a mission to inspire and share his message:We are all worthy beyond measure. On this episode of Wellness + Wisdom, we’ll discuss personal power, courage, and confidence needed to take imperfectly perfect […]

Activating Your Inner Coach With Jeff Grant

    “In positive psychology, flow is the mental state of operation in which a person who is performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment during the process of the activity.” – Jeff Grant    Activating Your Inner Coach With Jeff Grant When working on our […]

Self Love, Juicing, & Transformation With Drew Canole

“You don’t find your purpose. You fight for it. When you clear your space and put yourself in a place where you can just really start listening more, it will appear. It’s that thing that’s always been there that you love, and that you think isn’t possible.” – Drew Canole  Self Love, Juicing, & Transformation […]

Jeff Sanders: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast

Jeff Sanders: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast Jeff Sanders is a public speaker, productivity coach, best selling author, and host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast. Today on the show, Jeff spotlights how to motivate ourselves to take bold action and dominate our day before breakfast. Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast Personally, my wake up is […]

Health, Love, & Fulfillment In A Busy World With Nate Hockstra

Nate Hockstra is an Elite Results Coach for the most well-respected business leaders and of the most popular peak performance coach in the industry. Nate has coached over 300 people and logged over 2000+ hours of 1 on 1 coaching to help people get massive results in their life. Previous clients range from a United […]

Fitness For Moms: Breakthrough Mind & Body With Lori Streator

Lori Streator is a Whole Body Wellness professional and the owner of Breakthrough Mind & Body. After having her son in 2011 she gained a newfound respect for healthy living, so she combined her love for health and happiness with her passion to help others.  Lori runs a website and coaching business where she has the opportunity […]

Healthy, Happy & Harder To Kill w/ Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo

Steph Gaudreau helps people get healthy, happy & harder to kill through nutrition, fitness & mindset work. She is the author of the “Most Anticipated New Cookbook” by Paleo Magazine in January 2015 and a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, with her book, The Paleo Athlete. Steph is the host of a #1 ranked iTunes podcast Harder to Kill Radio, where she […]

Transform Your Workouts Into Play With Primal Fitness Expert Darryl Edwards

Darryl Edwards, Founder of HEALTH Unplugged and owner of Fitness Explorer Training, is an international speaker, coach, nutritionist and author of “Paleo Fitness“ and the recently published award winning book Paleo From A to Z. After almost two decades working as a technologist in investment banking, Darryl transformed his health after adopting an ancestral model to well-being. Darryl […]

Your Guide To A Quantified Body With Damien Blenkinsopp

With more and more wellness & fitness tracking devices and apps selling every day, what do we do with all the numbers? Have you been wondering what all the hype and buzz is around Fitbit, Jawbone & Misfit devices? Today’s episode delivers the goods! EP 13 is all about self-tracking and self-quantification, where we get […]

Heart Rate Variability: Better Results In Less Time With Joel Jamieson

Joel Jamieson is widely considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports, having trained many of the sports best athletes since 2004. He is the author of the bestselling book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” and is a contributing writer to several top magazines and a frequent guest speaker at conferences […]

Finding Your Personal Gold With Olympians Sky Christopherson & Tamara Cheek

Finding Your Personal Gold With Olympians Sky & Tamara Christopherson 2019 update: Sky Christopherson and Tamara Cheek decided to lead separate lives and serve our collective in very unique ways. We wish them much success in the road ahead! Today’s powerful talk with Olympians Sky Christopherson & Tamara Cheek touches on what actions you can take […]

Eliminating Pain Through Creating New Belief Systems With Anthony Carey

Anthony Carey holds a Master’s degree in biomechanics and athletic training and is the inventor of the Core-Tex™. Anthony is recognized internationally as a leading expert in biomechanics, corrective exercise, functional anatomy and motor control. He was named Personal Fitness Professional Magazine’s 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year and has received recognition for his work […]

Fitness Technology From The Inside Out With Clif Harski

Today on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, we learn from Master Trainer Clifton Harski: Clif is the Director of Training & Global Head Coach for Fitwall. A lifelong athlete and collegiate basketball player, Clifton has been in the fitness industry for more than 9 years. He holds a degree in Kinesiology from SDSU and is a Master Instructor for […]