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Exploring The Shadow Self For Healing: George Bryant

Exploring The Shadow Self For Healing: George Bryant “There are 4 rules that I live by: no fault, no guilt, no blame, and no shame. In a 24-hour day, I probably go by those rules maybe for 30 minutes, but I always choose those 30 minutes wisely to forgive myself at that moment and move[…]

The Yin & Yang Philosophy of Strength: Anders Varner

The Yin & Yang Philosophy of Strength – Anders Varner “There are all these people who are training like CrossFit Gym Warriors after sitting at their desks all day. You don’t want to go in that direction because you’re going to get injured and burned out. If there is yin and yang to CrossFit, then[…]

Movement As Medicine: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta

Movement As Medicine: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta “There’s no such thing as discipline; there’s just love. You’ll naturally gravitate towards what you love to do more. That’s the deeper core mission; to find something in this world that you care about so much. Find your passion and live out your dream.” –[…]

Stretching Your Second Heart – Nic Bartolotta

Injury Prevention Through DCT Have you ever found yourself taking inspired action towards a new workout program or training regimen, only to wind up succumbing to an injury that keeps you from progressing? Have you ever been curious as to why some people get injured far more than others? Exercise scientists and anatomists have been writing for centuries about[…]

Life After Injury With Physiotherapist Caitlin Reid

On boxing day in 2013, Caitlin broke her back in an accident and burst the first vertebrae of her lower spine. In the few weeks, while she was in a full back brace, she grew nauseous from the medication, frustrated from the pain, and began to realize that she’d have to pull from deep inside[…]

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