The Orthorexia Connection – Dr. Michael Ruscio

The Orthorexia Connection With Dr. Michael Ruscio Have you noticed that an over-obsession with health research and chasing the symptom rabbit down all the black holes online can create an unhealthy lifestyle? There is a term for an obsession with excessive elimination diets, and being overly concerned with avoiding foods you believe to be harmful: It’s called orthorexia.[…]

Journaling, Transformation & Truth With Clark Danger

Clark Danger has a passion for inspiring others and is a lover of Personal Development and Holistic Health. Through his top-ranked iTunes podcast “The PaleoHacks Podcast”, and his blog, Clark aims to inspire individuals to stop settling and start living. About Clark Danger As a highly successful millennial, Clark “Danger” Kegley is a heart-centered entrepreneur who brings[…]

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