Fight Club Meets Fitness – AJ Richards

Fight Club Meets Fitness – AJ Richards “Physical strength goes much deeper than looks and has a profound impact on our thoughts and feelings of self-worth.” – AJ Richards Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 145 at the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe as we talk with AJ Richards, CEO of Rush Club Nation. Rush […]

Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord

Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord “The Fee-for-Service medical system is far from what’s best for the patient.” – Dr. Dan Lord Today we are standing tall at RockTapes’s “Rock Stock 2017” with Dr. Dan Lord, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health, as he explains how we can reinvent health […]

Unconventional Medicine – Chris Kresser

Unconventional Medicine with Chris Kresser “The traditional health care system is not designed to handle the multitude of chronic problems we face in our modern world.” – Chris Kresser The world is looking at the greatest health care crisis it has ever seen. Chronic disease is shortening our lifespan, destroying our quality of life, bankrupting governments, […]

Integrative Wellness In The Modern World – Dr. Roger Mignosa

Integrative Wellness In The Modern World – Dr. Roger Mignosa “True healing calls for an integrated approach to our physical, mental, and emotional wellness.” – Dr. Roger Mignosa From head to toe, we are all highly connected and comprehensive human beings. The physical and mental aspects of our life affect each other in powerful ways and […]

The Power of Perspective – Jonathan Lopez & Earl Granville from Operation Enduring Warrior

Operation Enduring Warrior – Jonathan Lopez & Earl Granville “Our time and energy are the most precious things we can give to another human.” – Earl Granville Operation Enduring Warrior is a 100% volunteer-based organization composed of current and former members of the military, family members, and patriotic citizens who wish to give back to our nation’s wounded […]

Stand Tall – Dr. Tim Brown, Founder of IntelliSkin

Stand Tall – Dr. Tim Brown Since the beginning of time, we have been standing, walking, running, and always moving. But in today’s world, we spend most of our time sitting at a desk, in a car, or on the couch. This excessive sitting results in the chest muscles tightening, causing the shoulders to rotate […]

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen Have you ever considered that our perception of reality might be completely inaccurate? Oftentimes, what we experience in life gets passed through the lens of our own personal identity.  We’ve developed a filtering system based on our upbringing and social conditioning that forms our perspective and conscious awareness. […]

LIVE At Spartan Worlds Lake Tahoe 2017 – Mind Pump

LIVE At Spartan Worlds Lake Tahoe 2017 – Mind Pump “So much money and engineering have gone into our food that companies learned to hijack the body’s natural systems of satiety.” – Sal Di Stefano This episode is for everyone who enjoys hearing the raw truth about fitness and nutrition. Live from Lake Tahoe at the […]

The Truth About Food And Mental Health – Autumn Smith

The Truth About Food And Mental Health – Autumn Smith “Research is showing that many of our common mental health issues are rooted in the immune system.” – Autumn Smith Today on the podcast we’re joined by Autumn Smith, co-founder of Paleovalley and co-host of the top-ranked Optimize Paleo Podcast, as she shares the important role […]

Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology – Dr. Andy Galpin

Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology – Dr. Andy Galpin “We can use fitness technology as a tool for cueing, learning, and sensing instead of as a taskmaster that stresses us out.” – Dr. Andy Galpin Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 134 as author, tenured professor, and podcast host Dr. Andy […]

Cancer, Wellness, & The Cardio Myth – Alwyn Cosgrove

Cancer, Wellness, & The Cardio Myth – Alwyn Cosgrove “Based on the research, aerobic exercise has a very negligible effect on body composition.” – Alwyn Cosgrove Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 133 as we welcome sought-after fitness expert, author, and cancer survivor Alwyn Cosgrove. He shares his extensive knowledge on smart exercise, good nutrition, and […]

Christine Hassler – Surviving The Expectation Hangover

Surviving The Expectation Hangover – Christine Hassler Even after challenging times in life when it seems nearly impossible to recover, bouncing back from upsets and failures is still possible. When our expectations are met and things go according to plan, we feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. But when life throws us a curveball […]

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison Today’s podcast shows how we can begin the journey of self-discovery and find our own unique path to health and wellness. We’re joined by author and business strategist Cathy Hutchison, who shares how she changed her long-standing nutritional paradigms and found amazing health and vitality in the process. […]

The Duality of Wellness & Technology – Mind Pump

The Duality of Wellness & Technology – Mind Pump 128 Mind Pump: In a tech-driven world with more connection and media distraction than ever before, how can we balance these forces so they assist in our wellness journey? This level of technology and social integration is still in its infancy, and we already see some of […]

What Women Must Know About Men – Faith Shevlin & Josh Trent

Faith Shevlin & Josh Trent on the “IMperfectly Healthy” Podcast “These are topics I have been wanting to cover for a while. It is also an aspect of health and wholeness that I love to talk about. Today we are talking about them all, and gaining insight from the perspective of a MAN….which is key. […]

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome – Ella Lucas-Averett

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome With Ella Lucas-Averett In our fast-paced and demanding world where the ability to pivot and transition every day is a necessity, how do we move past what Psychologists call “Impostor Syndrome” to conquer the deeper fears of not being enough? Impostor Syndrome is a concept that describes individuals marked by an inability […]

Real Life But Better – Samantha Lotus

Real Life But Better – Samantha Lotus Real Life But Better – Samantha Lotus: When we’re faced with challenging times and our health, happiness, and lust for life begins to suffer, how can a powerful mindset assist in helping us consciously create a more desirable experience? There are points in our journey when it becomes quite obvious […]

HRV For Optimal Wellness – Jason Moore

HRV For Optimal Wellness With Jason Moore HRV – With the chronic stress and multitude of health conditions in our modern world, it can be extremely beneficial to understand how Heart Rate Variability can optimize our wellness and bring the autonomic nervous system into better balance. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the change in time […]

The World Is Your Gym – Craig Ramsay

[spp-player url=”″] The World Is Your Gym – Workout Anywhere & Anytime Craig Ramsay is here to show us that we no longer have to stress out over an intense workout regimen, and that building our physical and emotional fitness can be a fun and enjoyable process. It’s no secret that exercise can be overwhelming when […]

The Future of Diet & Exercise – Justin Andrews & Yaron Hadad

The Future of Diet & Exercise With Justin Andrews & Yaron Hadad With the array of health tools at our disposal in today’s digital landscape, how can we use wellness technology in a new era to create and maintain better health? From the apps that track our sleep and movement to the genetic testing that […]

Aubrey Marcus – Own The Day

Own The Day: Aubrey Marcus Aubrey Marcus Wellness Force Episode 123: With the volume of noise in our modern world that distracts and arouses the egoic mind, how do we awaken more consciousness so we can discover our deeper purpose? We often fall prey to short-term solutions like drugs, alcohol, or social media to cover […]

You Are Powerful Beyond Measure – Stephanie Quinn

 [spp-player url=”″] The Way We Speak To Ourselves The truth is that no matter what narrative the monkey mind tells us, we are all powerful beyond measure. As we explore the depths of this physical and emotional intelligence on the Wellness Force and Wellness Force Friday podcasts, a common theme for all of us on […]

Sustainable Health In A Toxic World – Dr. David Minkoff

Creating Sustainable Health With Dr. David Minkoff It’s no secret that the current condition of our toxic world makes it challenging to build sustainable health and avoid disease. This is also largely due to the fact that our soil and plants don’t contain the same nutritional potency they once did. Even with a clean diet and healthy […]

Alzheimer’s Antidote – Amy Berger

The Alzheimer’s Energy Crisis Cutting edge research over the past 5 years has shown a powerful connection between the brain and gut to prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. With smart nutrition, we can heal our brain and energize the nervous system. But if our lifestyle is filled with processed foods full of artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and sugar; over […]

A Fresh Perspective On Self-Sabotage – Mike Bundrant

Ending Self-Sabotage With Mike Bundrant Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss self-sabotage, and how to bring our destructive subconscious patterns into awareness. Why do we sometimes act against our own best interests when on some level, we also know what’s best for us? The answer lies in our subconscious motivations.  Most of our unconscious […]

Mo Gawdat: How To Engineer Your Path To Joy

Discovering Our Inner Joy Regardless of where we are in life, happiness can be possible.  Whether we’re struggling with negative thoughts, an unsatisfying job, or believing we’re not enough, this episode is a powerful reminder that we’re all worthy of self-love, joy, and an amazing life. Today is all about fighting our inner demons and discovering […]

Jeff Sanders: The Power of Saying No

Own Your Day Today’s episode with Jeff Sanders teaches us that there is more to time management than meets the eye. In fact, productivity and good time management are key to unlocking greater health and wellness. When we have our energy, focus, and clear mind, any goal can be accomplished with a head-on approach.  In a world […]

Healing From Food Addiction With The Earth Diet – Liana Werner-Gray

Healing From Food Addiction With The Earth Diet Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss openly about food addiction and how to use natural foods to create a life where you no longer have to be a slave to junk food and the emotions that drive their consumption. What is the real difference […]

Stretching Your Second Heart – Nic Bartolotta

Injury Prevention Through DCT Have you ever found yourself taking inspired action towards a new workout program or training regimen, only to wind up succumbing to an injury that keeps you from progressing? Have you ever been curious as to why some people get injured far more than others? Exercise scientists and anatomists have been writing for centuries about […]

Primal Living In The Modern World – Mark Sisson

Rediscover Your Intuition Through Primal Living Is our modern environment taking too large of a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health? Has the digital age led us to lose our primal intuition? From a young age, health and fitness expert, author, and founder of both Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen, Mark Sisson of […]

Bedros Keuilian: Mastering The 4 Pillars of Happiness

Bedros Keuilian: Mastering The 4 Pillars of Happiness HEART WIDE OPEN: Creating happiness in our lives, especially in this fast-paced modern industrialized world, can be a challenge at times, but it’s in that very challenge where we find our gifts. If you’re open to inspiration, this episode with one of the most inspirational men in […]

The Immune System Recovery Plan – Dr. Susan Blum

Heal Your Immune System In Four Steps Antibiotics are supposed to help our immune system recover from viruses, diseases, and other illnesses, but what if they leave us feeling fatigued, unwell, or even worse over time? With long-term use, can antibiotics actually hinder, not heal our immune systems? Besides antibiotics, pesticides and processed food ingredients are […]

Set Yourself Free With Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is the founder and host of Impact Theory and the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. After spending six years growing Quest into a billion-dollar company by helping people transform their bodies, Tom is now focused on completing the second half of his mission: transforming people’s minds through his new venture with Impact Theory. Impact […]

Brainpower, Consciousness, & The Placebo Effect With Jesse Lawler

Brainpower Upgrade For anyone who’s ever been interested in increasing their brainpower and learning more about what their body is capable of and how to get started, this is a great Wellness + Wisdom podcast episode for you to listen to! What an amazing time for all of us to be alive with all of […]

The Power To Heal With Maris Degener

The Power To Heal With Maris Degener   “They might not be able to understand that what’s going through a person’s mind doesn’t represent the person, but the mental illness.” – Maris Degener on why it’s important to separate the person from their disorder.   Even today, stigmas and unclear understandings about eat disorders and mental […]

7 Ways To Better Wellness In 2017

7 Ways To Better Wellness In 2017 To celebrate the start of 2017, this episode is dedicated to spotlighting  7 powerful episodes and remembering what they taught us about our wellness path in 2016. It has been such an incredible year on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast! There have been so many amazing guests who […]

Activating Your Inner Coach With Jeff Grant

    “In positive psychology, flow is the mental state of operation in which a person who is performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment during the process of the activity.” – Jeff Grant    Activating Your Inner Coach With Jeff Grant When working on our […]

Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety

  “All you have is what’s going on in front of you right now. Worrying about the future is only going to cause anxiety and bring up fears. It’s only going to cause you to live in a time that’s not present.” – Justin Stenstrom   Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety Our past may haunt us and […]

Bulletproof From A Blood Test With Murdoc Khaleghi

“What’s amazing is that knowing your health data can only help you. There’s never been anyone that hasn’t benefited or been harmed by knowing more about their cholesterol, thyroid function, inflammation, or Vitamin D levels. You can only benefit from a blood test.” – Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi Bulletproof From A Blood Test With Murdoc Khaleghi […]

Self Love, Juicing, & Transformation With Drew Canole

“You don’t find your purpose. You fight for it. When you clear your space and put yourself in a place where you can just really start listening more, it will appear. It’s that thing that’s always been there that you love, and that you think isn’t possible.” – Drew Canole  Self Love, Juicing, & Transformation […]

Gretchen Rubin: The Secret To Habit Change

Gretchen Rubin: The Secret To Habit Change When it comes to health and wellness, there is nothing more powerful than our habits. But in this modern, busy, sometimes even crazy world, what is the real secret to habit change that we all can apply? Does it matter for better wellness that you get up early, […]

Your Guide To A Mindful Life With Stacy Conlon

Your Guide To A Mindful Life With Stacy Conlon Caution! This episode for a mindful life will allow you to breathe deep, be still, and relax so please be careful if driving while listening to this episode. Stacy Conlon, also known as The Zen Girl, is a Certified Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator who helps […]

A Personal Trainer For Your Mind With Julianna Raye

Can mindfulness and meditation be a personal trainer for your mind? Today on the show, we explore that question with one of the most sought after mindfulness trainers in the world, Julianna Raye. After training individuals and groups for over 15 years, Julianna brings her expertise and gifts to share with Wellness + Wisdom. I’ve been […]

Beyond Meditation: How To Get A Better Brain With Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten is the co-founder and CEO of InterXon, makers of Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is an award-winning, easy-to-use brain fitness tool that senses your brain activity much like a heart rate monitor senses your pulse. Ariel studied neuroscience at the University of Toronto and worked in labs at Toronto’s Krembil Neuroscience Centre researching […]