intermittent fasting

David Hauser: How To Create Personal Freedom & Be Unstoppable In Life

“Routine and structure are what gives us the freedom to be unstoppable.” – David Hauser Are you feeling momentum in a flow state or are have you hit a stitch? Wellness Force Radio Episode 322 Entrepreneur, speaker, angel investor, and author of Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life, David Hauser, shares how to create[…]

Mike Mutzel: The Truth About Fasting

“The body tries to maintain balance but if you’re eating all of these carbs because you’re feeling all of this stress, that’s an emotional connection to food and you’re mitigating your stress via emotional eating. I’ve done that too, I’m totally guilty of that and I get it but fasting makes us brutally honest with[…]

How To Cook For Healthy Hormones: Magdalena Wszelaki

How To Cook For Healthy Hormones: Magdalena Wszelaki “I learned how to cook because I had to in order to save my life and my sanity.” – Magdalena Wszelaki What if I told you that something as simple as cooking healthier meals at home, changing your skincare routine, and adding self-care practices to your day could[…]

Anna Vocino: How To Eat Happy

Anna Vocino: How To Eat Happy “My brain changed when I changed the way I ate. Fat will stabilize your brain and it’s a very nice thing; especially if you’re subject to blood sugar swings and moods.” – Anna Vocino Have you ever found yourself obsessing over a food label by reading and analyzing every[…]

Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness – Drew Manning

Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness – Drew Manning Building a strong and healthy physique requires more than simply adjusting our diet and exercise. On this episode, speaker, wellness icon, and fitness professional Drew Manning shares his journey and book “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit: The unexpected lessons from gaining and losing 75 lbs on purpose.”[…]

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