Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord

Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord “The Fee-for-Service medical system is far from what’s best for the patient.” – Dr. Dan Lord Today we are standing tall at RockTapes’s “Rock Stock 2017” with Dr. Dan Lord, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health, as he explains how we can reinvent health[…]

Integrative Wellness In The Modern World – Dr. Roger Mignosa

Integrative Wellness In The Modern World – Dr. Roger Mignosa “True healing calls for an integrated approach to our physical, mental, and emotional wellness.” – Dr. Roger Mignosa From head to toe, we are all highly connected and comprehensive human beings. The physical and mental aspects of our life affect each other in powerful ways and[…]

Stand Tall – Dr. Tim Brown, Founder of IntelliSkin

Stand Tall – Dr. Tim Brown Since the beginning of time, we have been standing, walking, running, and always moving. But in today’s world, we spend most of our time sitting at a desk, in a car, or on the couch. This excessive sitting results in the chest muscles tightening, causing the shoulders to rotate[…]

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