Ariel Garten: Using Meditation & Neuroscience To Break Through Fear

“We have these physiological experiences that we create a lot of fear and meaning around but it’s all just physiology. It’s just feelings in your body and thoughts in your mind. When you can accept that, it becomes extremely freeing. You can just go through life, not get caught up in them, and be able[…]

Speak Your Truth: Dr. Alessandra Wall

Speak Your Truth: Dr. Alessandra Wall “Speaking up is what you do when you say what you mean and you mean what you say.” – Dr. Alessandra Wall What modern tools can help you gain more confidence, achieve that next benchmark, and overcome your fear of speaking up? In Wellness Force Radio episode 271, clinical[…]

The Charisma Quotient: Kim Seltzer

The Charisma Quotient: Kim Seltzer “There’s a lot of scientific proof that image matters and that it can actually help you tap into your confidence. As a therapist, I used to believe that you really have to do the work from the inside out in order to get results. I’ve now found that sometimes and[…]

Mo Gawdat: How To Engineer Your Path To Joy

Discovering Our Inner Joy Regardless of where we are in life, happiness can be possible.  Whether we’re struggling with negative thoughts, an unsatisfying job, or believing we’re not enough, this episode is a powerful reminder that we’re all worthy of self-love, joy, and an amazing life. Today is all about fighting our inner demons and discovering[…]

What’s Eating You? – Zlata Sushchik

Have you ever shame spiraled after a “cheat day” or eating a piece of food that’s not on an approved list? Shouldn’t creating healthy eating patterns really be all about self-care and self-love? How can we take all of the obstacles we face each day and really use them to help us make empowered decisions[…]

Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety

  “All you have is what’s going on in front of you right now. Worrying about the future is only going to cause anxiety and bring up fears. It’s only going to cause you to live in a time that’s not present.” – Justin Stenstrom   Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety Our past may haunt us and[…]

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