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Dr. David Rabin | How To Be Emotionally Resilient: Exploring The Impact of Chronic Stress & What To Do About It

Save 10% on your Apollo Neuro at and use code “WELLNESSFORCE”   Improve your resilience to stress with Apollo! Stress impacts our bodies and minds in countless ways. Having trouble sleeping? How’s your energy and focus? Apollo is here for you Apollo’s scientifically validated technology uses gentle vibrations to improve your resilience to stress,[…]

Trina Felber: The Lies My Dentist Told Me

“The mouth is the gatekeeper for your entire health. It is the basis for what your internal health is built upon. If you have bad breath, that will lead to gum disease and cavities which will then create digestive problems and internal health issues including heart disease and diabetes.” – Trina Felber Is your toothpaste doing[…]

From Illness To Wellness: Adrienne Nolan-Smith

From Illness To Wellness: Adrienne Nolan-Smith “Wellness is a 360-degree life approach to wanting to be your best and live your best. The one hundred choices we make a day truly impact our health. From who we spend our time with to how we talk to ourselves to the food we put in our mouth.[…]

Food Sanity: Dr. David Friedman

Food Sanity: Dr. David Friedman“It’s not necessarily food that’s leading to obesity. It’s what’s inside our food, what’s wrapped around our food, and even what we’re cooking our food on that’s creating this epidemic.” – Dr. David FriedmanAmidst all the masses of different information telling you to eat this, not that and contradicting views on[…]

What’s Making Our Children Sick? – Dr. Michelle Perro

What’s Making Our Children Sick? – Dr. Michelle Perro “Children are now sicker than their parents for the first time in history. One out of two children now has a chronic disease and this was unheard of as little as two to three decades ago. This is a drastic health change in our lifetime that[…]

Dr. Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain

Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain “Pain is a request for change. Whenever you feel any pain, that’s your brain and body telling you that they need your full attention.” – Dr. Perry Nickelston Once you learn how to read and understand your body, it will never lie to you.  Your life is 100% unique to[…]

Alzheimer’s Antidote – Amy Berger

The Alzheimer’s Energy Crisis Cutting edge research over the past 5 years has shown a powerful connection between the brain and gut to prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. With smart nutrition, we can heal our brain and energize the nervous system. But if our lifestyle is filled with processed foods full of artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and sugar; over[…]

9 World Class Wellness Influencers In 2017

Enter To Win 1 of 5 Prize Packs To enter to win 1 of 5 prize packs, all you have to do is leave a 5 star review right here for the podcast on iTunes right from your phone or computer, and you’ll be automatically entered to win the prize pack of your choice.Here’s how you can click[…]

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan With Dr. David Perlmutter

Biome Medic: Studied under a randomized, product-controlled IRB approved protocol, the six-week pre-clinical trial reported a 74% reduction of the herbicide glyphosate, a 75% reduction in the inflammatory biomarker C-reactive protein (CRP) and a 35% increase in gut immune response as measured by reduced food sensitivities. The Dangers of Glyphosate As news of the devastating[…]

Dr. John Gray: ADHD, Brain Health, & Sex Addiction

Dr. John Gray: ADHD, Brain Health, & Sex Addiction Is your brain health holding you back from stepping into your personal power? Today, we are talking with Dr. John Gray about natural solutions for ADHD, memory, and brain performance. (including depression and how we show up in our relationships). This conversation also goes to some profound[…]

Dr. Andrew Hill: Unlocking Our Best Self Through Nootropics

Dr. Andrew Hill: Unlocking Our Best Self Through Nootropics What long term positive effects can nootropics give to our busy lives? Can new breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience help us attain the focused state of attention to meet the demands of our busy modern world? Andrew Hill, PhD, is a lecturer, scientist, explorer, and also the[…]

How To Build A Bulletproof Brain With Jesse Lawler

How To Build A Bulletproof Brain With Jesse Lawler What are the things that actually make a difference for creating and maintaining a healthy bulletproof brain? Can nootropics and cognitive enhancers yield more drive and allow us to thrive in the busy world, or are they just a stimulant ride for a crash and burn?[…]

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