Nootropics: Top High-Performance Nutritional Supplements | Mark Effinger

Mark Effinger is an entrepreneur with specialties in Biochemistry and hormone and brain optimization. After founding multiple companies from marketing to lasers to Software, the death of Mark's wife from a painkiller overdose put them on the path to creating high-performance nutritional supplements using nootropics.

Today, we're talking about something very powerful that has the potential to make you unstoppable. At first audible, you might listen to that and be like… What are you talking about dude, make me unstoppable?

What I mean is that when you are nourishing your physical and mental state, your emotional, spiritual, and financial will follow.

In this episode, we're talking with Mark about how to orchestrate your neurochemicals for brain and mood optimization and the Upbeat, Zamner Juice, and CollaGenius products.

I’ve been fueling my brain and body with these products for 2 months now… And I have officially fallen in love with how I feel in my head and in my body.

“When you have more intellectual bandwidth and mental capacity, it reflects in every area of your body. Instead of having this radical hormone flood, fight or flight, during a perceived negative event, you can look at the event without all of that emotional overhead.

Because instead of your head thinking: “Oh crap, this event’s happening, it’s going to wipe me out, and I’m not going to be effective…”, you can look at it, almost laugh about it: “Ok, bring it… Let’s do this thing.” – Mark Effinger

Do Nootropics Work?

Many people have heard about nootropics, but to experience them on a customized level is a complete game-changer beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.

You are going to learn so much about the way your brain works, and how you can orchestrate the neurochemicals to optimize your mood and to knock out any obstacle that comes your way.

I really enjoyed Mark's take on life. He is a servant leader if I have ever seen one. And in this episode you learn about his path to creating Nootopia.

You'll understand how the different neurotransmitters work in your brain and how you can use my top four favorite products from Nootopia that I've been using every day for mood regulation, my spiritual journey, and creating an indomitable heart and unstoppable mind.

You'll learn how you can take a quiz to figure out which neurotransmitters and Nootropics would be best for you and also the long-term positive effects of nootropics in your journey to Wellness.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”We all get into this where life is accelerating so fast that we just feel like we’re the tail wag in the dog situation. At one point you have to stop and say: “I need to own my life. I need to be in charge of this consequence going on. – @MarkEffinger” quote=”We all get into this where life is accelerating so fast that we just feel like we’re the tail wag in the dog situation. At one point you have to stop and say: “I need to own my life. I need to be in charge of this consequence going on. – @MarkEffinger”]

Orchestrate Your Neurochemicals With Top Nootropics From Nootopia

I know that there are a lot of products out there in the world… I use these nootropics myself and so does my family, so you can trust that when you head over to and use the code “JOSH10“, you will get the best product.

Not only will you save 10% off these products but you'll get something custom that's actually made for your physiology to work best and in harmony with your biology.

Head over to and get yourself some Upbeat, Zamner Juice, or CollaGenius to uplift your confidence, ambition, and positivity. This is something that coffee cannot do and I'm so excited to hear how this impacts your life.


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