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Natural ways to protect yourself from radiation


With the ever looming cloud of radiation riding a zephyr towards the California coast via Japan, we have to ask ourselves why every bottle of potassium iodine has been swiped off the shelves? Could it be media hype, actual scientific criteria or effective supplement marketing running its course?

Whatever the right answer is there are millions of Americans on edge and frantically researching how they can save themselves.

Many scientists from the CDC have stated that potassium iodine tablets will have some shielding affect against radiation. As explained on the CDC website-

“Potassium iodide (KI) is a salt of stable (not radioactive) iodine. Stable iodine is an important chemical needed by the body to make thyroid hormones. Most of the stable iodine in our bodies comes from the food we eat….A single dose of KI protects the thyroid gland for 24 hours. A one-time dose at the levels recommended in this fact sheet is usually all that is needed to protect the thyroid gland. In some cases, radioactive iodine might be in the environment for more than 24 hours.”

Even more disturbing is the notion that potassium iodine will have any defense against a strong dose of radiation. Here on the California coast we are expected to see a projected “safe” level of the radioactive iodine. So far based on sources, there is no straight answer nationwide. Potassium iodine cannot protect against radioactive agents, such as cesium, which was also released in the Japanese reactor explosion. It cannot prevent an agent from entering the body and damaging other portions, such as the lungs if ingested via breathing. It cannot reverse the damage caused by radioactive iodine once it has been done to the thyroid.

To reiterate, the (KI) Potassium Iodine administered in disasters such as the recent blow up in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant will only protect the thyroid gland. It does not protect the rest of the body.

A quick reality check- Every single day in America, the radiation and toxic chemicals consumed from the agribusiness modeled, cash cow mono-cropped farms that have been genetically engineered increase! With as much attention that is being paid to what we may be breathing in over the next few days, I have to admit I really don’t trust any source. We live in the age of over-information and the bottom line when it comes to radiation is that we are sitting ducks. The thyroid is effected more by the current state of our immune health, overall lipid stores and consumption of irradiated + chemically sprayed foods that most Americans eat all day long!

What is more important than running to your drugstore to fight over the last bottle of the KI, we all need to collectively remove thyroid altering substances from our diets and add in healthy iodine boosted foods-

From the holistic research I’ve done since the explosion in Japan, to defend our immune systems and regulate our optimal health I suggest-

  • Remove known thyroid dis-regulating foods such as non fermented soy, chemically sprayed produce and foods, farm raised and/or corn and soy fed fish and shrimp as well as avoiding all soy products in general. Cutting processed sugars and high consumption of fructose will help keep your body healthy and primed to defend against invaders as well.
  • Add iodine rich foods to the diet such as wild shrimp, grass-fed dairy, root vegetables and ocean kelps- Dulse, Kombu, Arame, Wakame, Hijike, Nori

We know that optimal levels of iodine and potassium in the body will help to fight off some of the radiation, but a more effective way to fight thyroxine disregulation (metabolism function hormone released via the thyroid) is to eat iodine rich foods like dairy, root veggies, shrimp and seaweeds while cleansing the diet of any processed, sugared and known auto-immune disrupting foods like unfermented soy or soy products.

What ever happens, we’ve controlled the state of our bodies before this radiation gets here and we’ll control it the same way when it does. The media will blow this thing up or down depending on what gets more ratings so all we can do is eat well, live well and enjoy!

Wishing for the best and keeping your body in the best health possible is the only real defense against radiation. As we are reminded more and more by nature- we are guests on this planet and there are some things we cannot control acceptance of this fact leaves us with the responsibility to live the cleanest life we can in our body, mind and spirit.

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Natural ways to protect yourself from radiation

natural ways to protect yourself from radiation, Wellness Force
Natural ways to protect yourself from radiation

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