Narratives of Division: What They’re Not Sharing (Peter Santenello)

Peter Santenello is an American video maker, traveler, and entrepreneur who produces videos about travel and human stories. At the age of 25, he traveled around the world for two years straight, and he's been to more than 85 countries and lived in 5.

Now, why is this so important for you and I? It's important because Peter makes content that focuses on human stories, how people interrelate to one another and have compassion from one another around the world.

This is something that we have lost the art form of for the most part, not totally, because you're here with us and we're about to do this today. We've lost the art form of listening and having compassion for other people's stories. We've lost the way to see the world through other people's eyes, and I think you're really going to love how Peter reveals the truth about division in the USA.

If you really want to take guidance from your soul, you have to be ready to realize that many of the things that you're asking for guidance on your ego has some kind of an addiction to, or an investment in understanding that we are a piece of nature. Because nature is where we belong. I think it’s a very comforting thing to understand that would certainly feed into wellness.

How can we bring awareness and reverence to all the little mundane elements of our life? I think it’s a combination of understanding your own internal wants, needs, and desires.

This is episode 477 of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, where we discover the physical and emotional intelligence to live life.

Is Division Only a Lack of Truth?

We're told we're divided, yet you go to any sort of normal event in the country and everyone's not really having a problem at all with each other.

There are some great journalists out there, but as far as mainstream goes, if you watch Fox News or CNN, you know exactly what's going to be delivered.

In this episode Peter shared what he has learned creating his video series about life, both abroad and at home, and the Mass Media's agenda, what they're not really sharing, and what he knows about being a conscious filmmaker.

We all know that sometimes in our lives the grass feels greener on the other side, but is that actually true?

True authentic journalism that paints us against each other and uses divisional language? This is not actually the narrative that's most empowering.

Universal Truth VS Our Subjective Truth

What's most empowering, as always, is the truth and the truth can be subjective at times, right? Like my truth versus your truth. They're always going to feel and look different. That's why we have our unique soul's expression.

But there are universal truths, right? We know that if we're defending ourselves, then murder can potentially be justified. We know that if we are defending our children, the same thing exists.

We know that if we drop a rock, then gravity will push it to the ground. So there are certain universal truths that we all know to be true without any thought process needed. But what about how to see the world through someone else's eyes?

Why is this faculty and the mind so important? It's important because in a world filled with media that is using language to pit us against each other, there is another path.

Universal Truth VS Our Subjective Truth

There's another path where we can see how other cultures treat one another, how other cultures live, and how other people across the world show compassion and understanding for one another.

That's what you're going to get in so many ways from this episode. I love Peter. He's just authentic. He's just him. There's no show to him. He literally has a tiny GoPro and a little microphone that he takes across the planet.

I think you're really going to love this episode if you've been looking for an alternate view – a view that takes you out of the division that we sometimes experience here in the United States, especially on social media, and if you're interested in a new story about how humans can be and feel and understand one another.

This podcast is going to rip your heart wide open in the most beautiful way. Make sure you go to Check out more of Peter's work. Subscribe to Peter on YouTube.

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