Movement As Medicine: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta

Movement As Medicine: Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta

“There's no such thing as discipline; there's just love. You'll naturally gravitate towards what you love to do more. That's the deeper core mission; to find something in this world that you care about so much. Find your passion and live out your dream.” – Dr. Jordan Shallow

How can a smart training program and a skilled chiropractor help you heal and support you in your wellness journey?

Discover the truth about the role of chiropractors and how they can help you stay fit and strong for life.

On Wellness + Wisdom Episode 162, Chiropractors, Weight Lifters, Co-Founders of Pre-Script, and Podcast Co-Hosts of the RX'D RADIO Podcast, Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta, share their personal health journeys through weight lifting, what it means to be a chiropractor, and how you can become more responsible for your own wellness.

There's no better time in your life than now to be selfish about your wellness. Take time out of your day to go do something that's going to make you stronger and live a longer life.

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Listen To Episode 162 As Dr. Jordan Shallow & Dr. Jordan Jiunta Uncover:

  • Their backgrounds growing up and being involved in sports and fitness.
  • Who they look up to for inspiration and what they've learned from each other.
  • How weight training and CrossFit is similar to therapy and can help people relax.
  • The bursts of strong emotions that can come about once you've accomplished an athletic task or event.
  • Difference between sports in the USA and Canada on the collegiate level.
  • How your mind can get over an injury and how you can be positive about the experience.
  • Dr. Shallow's experience in a car accident and his process of recovery.
  • Why patients should be doing most of the work to recover and not solely rely on their chiropractor or other healthcare professional.
  • The tensegrity model and how it can be applied in medicine.
  • How harming one part of your body eventually works its way through the entire body, affecting everything else.
  • Why it's the chiropractor's role to teach their patients the cause and effect of pain along with what and why something will help them heal.
  • Misconceptions about chiropractors that still exist in 2018 and how the chiropractic industry has changed over the years.
  • What every day, normal people can do to change their lives around and focus more on their wellness.
  • Their missions as chiropractors to help their patients get back to their passions and hobbies.
  • How to prepare your body to get stronger and do heavy lifting when you don't have a lot of time to go to the gym often.
  • How to discover your driving force for fitness and wellness.
  • Why it's okay to be selfish and take time out of your day to do something that's going to make you stronger and live a longer life.
  • How they motivate their clients to stay focused on their health and wellness goals.
  • Education vs. technology in the health and fitness world.
  • How they're leaving a legacy behind and making an impact on other people.

Power Quotes From The Show

“Whether you're focusing on strength training, preparing for a 5k or just want to get back in shape, you have to trust in the process and those helping you with your goals. You need people that have already experienced what you're preparing for because they've seen the bigger picture and know how to help you.” – Dr. Jordan Shallow

“If you want to do something like lifting heavier weights; first start by learning about it. Just begin by learning something small about it today and then something else tomorrow. Then, try it out and maybe you'll be horrible at it, but then you'll be better at it the next day.” – Dr. Jordan Jiunta

“Take just half an hour out of your day to do something that's going to help you become stronger and live a longer life. In that sense, you're doing a selfish act for a very unselfish reason so that you can be there for your family and loved ones for many years to come.” – Dr. Jordan Jiunta

“The age, ability, reason, or lifestyle of each participant in a CrossFit class doesn't matter because it's not just about you. Rather, it's a collective group of people who are experiencing the same cycle of emotions in a class. That's what builds a community in the world of CrossFit.” – Dr. Jordan Shallow

Links From Today's Show:

About Dr. Jordan Shallow

Dr Jordan Shallow is a graduate of the 135th class of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, but his passion for human movement go far beyond the classroom. With a critical mind and a decade of training/strength and conditioning under his belt he brings an experience level far beyond his years.

With his experience he also brings a level of empathy to his patients, after 15 years of competitive sports and an active lifestyle there is rarely an injury that is on his able that he, himself has not experienced. Dr Shallow utilizes a wide variety of non-invasive techniques, far beyond the chiropractic adjustment. He focuses on addressing the entire tensegrity model of the body. Everything from joints to tendons, ligaments and muscles. Every aspect of injury is considered in returning his patients back to proper structure and proper function.

He is also a Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach at Stanford University, Owner of The Muscle Doc: Integrative Performance Therapy, Co-Founder of Pre-Script, and Co-Host of the RX'D RADIO Podcast.

About Dr. Jordan Jiunta

Dr. Jordan Jiunta holds a Doctorate degree in chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose, CA, and a Bachelors degree in biology from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. As a lifelong athlete, Dr. Jiunta has always had a love for strength and conditioning. During his years as a chiropractic student, Dr. Jiunta found CrossFit, where he continued to expand his knowledge of the human body through fitness and functional movement. CrossFit gave Dr. Jiunta a platform to marry his passion for learning with his passion for athletics to help a group of people who share the desire of bettering themselves.

Dr. Jiunta works with each patient to help them become the most optimal version of them self. Not everyone is an athlete, but everyone can benefit from training their body’s movement patterns. Dr. Jiunta uses knowledge of the human body, expertise in chiropractic care, and various approaches to health and fitness to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that can be modified to fit any lifestyle. Every patient has different health and fitness goals, and The Functional Chiro is here to help YOU along your journey to meet these goals.

He understands the importance of learning and training our bodies natural movement patterns to not only prevent injury but to live a higher quality life as well. With this idea, he has teamed up with Dr. Shallow as Co-Founder of Pre-Script and Co-Host of the RX'D RADIO Podcast.

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