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Unleash your modern masculine greatness – discover self-development tools to do the inner work.

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What Does Masculinity Mean to You?

I have a question for you today… when you hear the word masculinity: what comes up for you? 

If you're a woman, how would you define masculinity, if you're a man – same question.

What do you believe our world is asking for right now from men the very most?

And lastly, why is this an important question to ask, especially with what we are experiencing with lockdowns, medical segregation, and above all else a war for our souls and The souls of our children.

I know that sounds quite serious but that's also the State of the Union when it comes to our world today.

Masculine Greatness: Do the Inner Work Every Day

I ask myself these questions almost every day. Today on the podcast if you have been contemplating this or seeking answers, this episode will give you some incredible intelligence. This episode will give you the answers to these questions and so much more.

This episode gives you my friend, a fellow podcaster, and a former Special Operations US Army Ranger. With four combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan and another five years protecting the U.S. ambassador to Iraq in Baghdad.

He has seen the field of masculinity through extreme “alpha perspectives” and knows the trials and tribulations all men, to include the toughest man, deal with in society today. 

His mission is to help men find strength in developing their authentic masculinity to be consistent with who they are and not what society expects them to be. 

His name is Johnny Elsasser and he has shifted his fight to advocating and supporting men and finding their own masculine blueprint and cultivating their purpose as positive men in this world today.

Discover Your Modern Masculine Self

This podcast on the modern masculine is really special to me. 

I got to go on a deep intensive with Johnny and learn how to intelligently and honorably use firearms with other men and I've also been a guest on his podcast the art of masculinity but this Wild Man Experience… I'll tell you – it was powerful in so many ways.

Make sure you go to YouTube and watch the interview with some beautiful clips of The Experience called “Wild Man” that Johnny has been running for a couple years now. 

If you yourself are a man on the spiritual path, I would absolutely implore you to reach out to Johnny personally and book yourself for a wild man experience.

In this podcast you'll learn about modern masculine greatness as we discuss: 

  • How to move through trauma as a man, and how women can support that.
  • Conscious relationships and what it really means to be a balanced masculine and feminine man.
  • The true price of freedom.
  • How we spend our currency of attention on things that are actually hurting us and we don't know it. 
  • Myths and truths when it comes to masculinity.
  • How Johnny came back after hitting a rock bottom in his self development Journey.
  • Deep healing with plant medicine in Peru
  • Practical tools for self development for men to essentially heal their own shadow, so we can heal the shadow of the collective.

Get Curious About Your Triggers

As you take in this podcast today ask yourself: can I be curious about my triggers

Can I be curious about my triggers and can I be the arbiter of my thoughts? 

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About Johnny Elsasser

Johnny Elsasser | The Art of Masculinity: How To Be A Wildman In Our Modern World (Men's Work & Mindset)Johnny Elsasser is a former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger with four combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan and another 5 years protecting the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq in Baghdad. Johnny has seen the field of masculinity through extreme alpha perspectives.

He knows the trials and tribulations all men, including the toughest men, deal with in society today. Johnny’s mission is to help men find strength in developing their authentic masculinity. He aims to help them be consistent with who they are and not what society expects them to be.

Johnny has shifted his fight to advocating and supporting men in finding their own masculine blueprint. Through this process, they can cultivate their purpose as positive men in this world today.



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