Legal Cannabis? Do THIS To Set Healthy Intentions

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Legal Cannabis: The Truth About This Plant

This is episode 455 Ryan Sprague | Conscious Cannabis: The Science + Spirit of The World's Most Misunderstood Plant.

And that is absolutely the case when we look at the entire world of plant medicines…

I would say that hands-down the most misunderstood plant out of all plants is the cannabis plant.

And why exactly is this?

Well, whether it's helping to support healing for autism, cancer, autoimmune diseases, eating disorders or many other ailments under the sun…

This plant has a very tattered and torn history filled with slander and abuse by the powers that be.

But the real reasons for that slander and misinformation propaganda may surprise you.

And especially with what we uncover in this episode, they will definitely shock you.

My guest Ryan Sprague was introduced to me by our multiple appearance guest, and my friend and mentor, the one and only Paul Chek.

And, whenever Paul introduces me to someone I pay attention.

Setting Healthy Intentions with Cannabis

As a cultivator and teacher, Ryan is a world-class cannabis expert.

Through cannabis, he has been able to engage with thousands of people worldwide, teaching them the language of cannabis.

Through medical experiences and ceremonies, Ryan has used cannabis to create spiritual, mental, and physical breakthroughs in hundreds of people.

He is the host of the Highly Optimized Podcast and The Podcast “This One Time On Psychedelics.

Which I had the pleasure of being a guest on!

Ryan is one of the most forward and expansive thinkers when it comes to the ethical, conscious, practical and life-changing use of this widely misunderstood plant.

In this episode Ryan is going to bring you the hard science and the spiritual components of what it looks like to use cannabis in the most conscious way for your own development in every single aspect of the Pentagon of Wellness.

So, in other words, he's going to take a super misunderstood plant and make it easy for you to understand to see if this is a great healing path for you.

Healing with Cannabis

In this episode you will learn:

  • Ryan's path to become a master grower and science minded practitioner with conscious cannabis.
  • Why this episode has nothing to do with medical advice, this is a conversation exploring the conscious use of cannabis.
  • Ryan's Journey healing anxiety when none of the prescriptions like Zoloft helped.
  • Ryan's interaction with cannabis and how it became more spiritual and scientific over time as he healed.
  • The history of Rick Simpson Oil otherwise known as “RSO” and full extract cannabis oil.
  • Truth of why cannabis has been slandered dating back all the way to the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  • Pairing cannabis with other healing modalities.
  • Why the oldest evidence of cannabis was recently discovered in a 2500 year old Cemetery in the peaks of western China.
  • A more expensive lens into the war on cannabis and the war on Consciousness.

I want to make a personal note here.

I am not called to use cannabis all the time, but when I look at the landscape of the world's most misunderstood (and at times most abused plant…)

We’re beyond excited to share Ryan's voice and expertise with you!

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