Lavender For Anxiety: The Best Way To Use This Calming Herb

The human body naturally responds to stress by anxiety. Significant instances of anxiety include the first day at work, a presentation, a job interview, or even meeting figures of authority. That is just mild anxiety that only lasts for a few minutes, and it naturally disappears without messing up the day’s schedule. Whenever the anxiety goes on for about six months and in a powerful way, it affects the day’s activities, referred to as a mental disorder. If a family member, a friend, or a co-worker experiences anxiety, getting them a lavender gift basket can help them ease their anxiety. Lavender helps calm down the effects of anxiety naturally as an alternative way to medication.

Lavender For Anxiety: The Best Way To Use This Calming HerbMild anxiety causes one to experience increased breathing rate and heartbeat rate that concentrates on supplying the brain with sufficient oxygen as it prepares for the subsequent actions. However, excessive anxiety has diverse effects on the body, such as adverse effects on the Central Nervous System (CNS). The brain tends to release the body the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. It also exposes the person to cardiovascular-related conditions, organ failure, and respiratory illnesses, lowers the immune system, and breaks inter-personal relations. Getting lavender in bath baskets and making spa or hot tub soaking a routine can help mitigate anxiety.

After briefly understanding anxiety and its effects and how lavender can help mitigate its effects, the following article outlines the significant ways lavender is used to manage anxiety.

Hot Bath With Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender For Anxiety: The Best Way To Use This Calming HerbSoaking in hot baths has been proven to be therapeutic. It aids in increasing the elasticity of veins and arteries. Some lavender essential oils only make it more therapeutic and helpful to the body. Many people have known lavender as a relaxing herb due to its gentle scent and how it boosts a person’s mood. Its relaxation ability helps the user get enough sleep, alleviating insomnia which is considered a sign of anxiety. Safe from reducing the effects of anxiety, lavender in a hot bath will help the body fight pain, headaches, inflammation, and migraines.

Aromatherapy With Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender For Anxiety: The Best Way To Use This Calming HerbLavender essential oil is a direct extract of the oil from the scent-producing part of the lavender plant, which is the flower spikes. It makes the essential oil as scented as the lavender plant itself. On the other hand, aromatherapy is the regular use of essential oil like lavender for therapeutic reasons. A diffuser helps release the lavender molecules that go through the nostrils and into the respiratory system that transports them to the brain to offer a calming effect. The calming effect on the brain causes a relaxed mood, and the brain ceases to produce stress hormones – which increase sleep and mitigate anxiety.

Oral Capsule With Lavender Essential Oil

Orally ingested lavender capsules have been proven to manage insomnia by stopping the brain from producing the stress hormone like adrenaline that keeps the body and brain awake ready to act. It also helps fight pain from cancer-related illnesses and C-section type of delivery. It also helps keep cardiovascular conditions, respiratory infections, and skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Despite being from natural extract, the lavender capsules need to be taken under a physician’s direction to mitigate the related side effects such as server drowsiness, constipation, increased appetite, and headaches. Due to the severe drowsiness, it is advisable not to drive or operate machinery while taking the lavender capsules.

Massage With Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender For Anxiety: The Best Way To Use This Calming HerbApart from just being a relaxation plat, lavender is diverse in benefits and usage. Once used during a massage session, the body feels relaxed and calm due to the inhalation of the lavender molecules released during the massage. The skin on which the attendant applied the lavender essential oil also benefits from the lavender oil diverse benefit. Massaging with lavender essential oil includes clearing acne by unclogging the skin pores and lowering skin inflammation. It also heals eczema and skin dryness, and psoriasis. Insect bites can leave very unpleasing marks. Massaging the area will aid in removing the effects of insect bites and marks left.

In Conclusion

The sweet floral scent of lavender has therapeutic benefits, such as reducing the effects of anxiety. Its essential oils blend well with other oils, making ideas for aromatherapy through diffusers, massage with massage oil blended with lavender essential oil, and many other ways. The lavender essential oils have been used to make soaps and perfumes to see many benefits from the relaxation effect of lavender on daily occasions.


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