The Art of Fear: Kristen Ulmer

Kristen Ulmer: The Art of Fear

“Many professionals are advising us to stay away from fear, but I do the exact opposite. You think that all these modalities, therapies, and medications would be helping us to conquer our fears and anxieties, but they're only getting worse and worse. The treatment for dealing with excessive fear and anxiety is actually exasperating the underlying causes.” – Kristen Ulmer

Instead of stopping your fears in their tracks, what if you chose to understand them?

We can all relate to pushing back the feelings of fear and anxiety that like to resurface from time to time. For those who suffer from chronic anxiety, it may seem impossible to get through a single day without negative emotions controlling every moment.

What Is The Role of Fear?

What would happen if you didn't prevent yourself from feeling your negative emotions, but embraced them instead?

What kind of relationship could you have with yourself by trying to understand your anxious thoughts?

On Wellness + Wisdom 151, former US Ski Team athlete turned Thought Leader on Fear, Zen Therapist, and author of The Art of Fear, Kristen Ulmer, takes you on a journey of getting to know yourself better by building a relationship with fear.

After seeking assistance to help tackle her own worries and anxieties with a Zen Master, Kristen developed the highly effective teaching tool, Shift: The Game of 10,000 Wisdoms. Since becoming a Zen Therapist, she has helped many people who have insomnia, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, excessive anger, indecisiveness, and more.

Discover who you are by allowing yourself permission to feel and truly understand both fear and anxiety in just four easy steps. By the end of this episode, you will know how to approach and embrace your negative emotions.

'You want to get 4% out of your comfort zone in order to conquer your fears and anxieties so that you can step into a new comfort zone.' - @kristenulmer #ShiftIntoFearClick To Tweet

The Art of Fear by Kristen Ulmer

A revolutionary guide to acknowledging fear and developing the tools we need to build a healthy relationship with this confusing emotion—and use it as a positive force in our lives.

We all feel fear. Yet we are often taught to ignore it, overcome it, push past it. But to what benefit?  This is the essential question that guides Kristen Ulmer’s remarkable exploration of our most misunderstood emotion in The Art of Fear.

Influenced by Ulmer’s own complicated relationship with fear and her over 15 years as a mindset facilitator, The Art of Fear will reconstruct the way we react to and experience fear—empowering us to easily and permanently address the underlying cause of our fear-based problems, and setting us on course to live a happier, more expansive future.

Listen To Episode 151 As Kristen Ulmer Uncovers:

  • How we can #ShiftIntoFear and why we should uncover the underlying causes of fear.
  • What services, events, and programs she offers to people with chronic fears and anxiety.
  • How decision fatigue is a tough obstacle to overcome when we have to make daily choices.
  • Her own experience with PTSD, adrenal fatigue, and difficult injuries that led her to heal her relationship with fear.
  • Why she repressed her own fears for so long and when she knew that she had to do something about them.
  • What she learned about fear and herself by working with a Zen Master.
  • Why we should honor our emotions of fear and anxiety in order to improve our relationship with them.
  • How you can give yourself permission to feel your fear and other emotions with just 4 Steps.
    1. Deal with fear by finding the sensation of discomfort in your body. Be curious of where you feel it.
    2. Acknowledge that it's perfectly normal to experience discomfort in life.
    3. Take time feeling the fear, but don't try to get rid of it.
    4. Be curious again about fear's message for you.
  • Why fear is here to serve you in order to help you become more present and focused.
  • What she is doing to help professional athletes overcome their fear so that they can perform at their best.
  • How can we feel more alive? What can we do to get in touch with ourselves amidst our current society?
  • What led her to become this model of a fearless person and the consequences of her being so tense.
  • How she realized that she was experiencing adrenal fatigue and what she did to overcome it.
  • Why she loved feeling the fear when she was a skier, yet she regularly repressed it.
  • How experiencing and feeling anxiety and fear will actually help us grow.

Power Quotes From The Show

'Emotional intelligence is our ability to feel our emotions in an honest way.' - @kristenulmer #ShiftIntoFearClick To Tweet

“Many professionals are advising us to stay away from fear, but I do the exact opposite. You think that all these modalities, therapies, and medications would be helping us to conquer our fears and anxieties, but they're only getting worse and worse. The treatment for dealing with excessive fear and anxiety is actually exasperating the underlying causes.” – Kristen Ulmer

“We should honor our fear in order to improve our relationship with it. It just wants to be heard. Instead of spending so much time thinking about our fear, what if we focused on feeling our fear? Emotions are meant to be dealt with emotionally, not intellectually.” – Kristen Ulmer

“How we treat fear is exactly how we treat ourselves. If we're embarrassed by fear, then we're embarrassed by ourselves. If we hate our fear, we hate ourselves.” -Kristen Ulmer

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About Kristen Ulmer

Kristen is thought leader, master facilitator and fear specialist who radically challenges existing norms around the subject of this deeply misunderstood emotion. Starting out as a mogul specialist on the US Ski team, Kristen more notoriously became recognized as being the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world, a status she kept for 12 years. Known for enormous cliff jumps and you-fall-you die descents, she became sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, and Nikon. Her mastery of other danger sports including paragliding, ice and rock climbing, kiteboarding, adventure mountain biking, and flying trapeze also gained her the outdoor industry vote as most extreme woman athlete in North America, beating all danger-sports stars, not just skiers.

Retired as an athlete since 2003, she then spent the next 15 years going to the next level — studying intently with a Zen Master, which led to facilitating thousands of clients, addressing numerous subjects such as the mindset of optimal sports performance, flow states, whole mind thinking, how to embrace change, emotional intelligence and more. She developed a highly effective teaching tool called Shift: The Game of 10,000 Wisdoms. This is a facilitated dialog which helps groups or individuals access the resources of their own minds to solve problems in a matter of hours that would otherwise take decades of therapy to achieve. Her revolutionary work has been featured in such media as NPR, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, Outside Magazine, Sports Illustrated and many more.

Kristen’s transition to thought leader on Fear came in 2012, the day she realized that most of her client’s problems –such as underperforming, insomnia, PTSD, panic attacks, excessive anxiety, depression, excessive anger, excessive fear, indecisiveness and more, were quickly and permanently resolved once she helped them address their avoidance of fear.


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