Sean Croxton and Josh Trent were out and about filming today and decided to have a little extra fun.

Kangoo Jumps provide such a wide range of Health Benefits, that it seems difficult to believe. These benefits are however backed with several specific scientific studies conducted with Kangoo Jumps over the past 10 years.
Moreover, Kangoo Jumps provide all the benefits of “Rebound Exercise” which has been investigated in depth over the past 30 years by Albert E. Carter and other world authorities like for instance N.A.S.A. who quoted:
“Rebound Exercise is the Most Effective and Efficient Form of Exercise Yet Devised by Man”.

– Joint Protection
– Injury Prevention
– Recovery Time
– Weight Loss
– Endurance
– Cardiovascular
– Energy
– Face Lift
– Health
– Bone Mass
– Spine
– Stress
– Posture
– All 33 benefits of rebound exercise

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“Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes were originally developed for joggers, runners and athletes, to help reduce the impact associated with vigorous athletic activity.

The biggest problem for most sports is the excess strain on joints due to repeated impact. The limits of training are dictated by the amount of strain accumulated on joints due to repeated impact and the capability of the body to withstand it. Athletic competition requires the development of “explosive strength”. Participating in plyometric exercise is the best method to ensure improvements in this area. These exercises can be dangerous because they place the joints under the highest strain (up to 5G, versus 2-3G for running). 

High-tech sport shoes with cushioning features, like the latest Nike or Adidas models claim to reduce impact. However, none of these shoes provide significant protection, as they do not lengthen the impact time significantly enough to allow the brain and muscles to react in a timely way to absorb impact energy.

Different scientific studies conducted by the Swiss Federation Institute of Technology compared conventional running shoes and Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. They demonstrated that the patented Impact Protection System (IPS) of Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes not only helps increase impact time, it also reduces the impact stress by up to 80% while protecting ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and spine.”

Jumping Into Fitness With Sean Croxton And Kangoo