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Journaling, Transformation & Truth With Clark Danger

Clark DangerClark Danger has a passion for inspiring others and is a lover of Personal Development and Holistic Health.

Through his top-ranked iTunes podcast “The PaleoHacks Podcast”, and his blog, Clark aims to inspire individuals to stop settling and start living.

About Clark Danger

As a highly successful millennial, Clark “Danger” Kegley is a heart-centered entrepreneur who brings a unique story and powerful message to the health, wellness, and personal development communities.

But Clark’s road to becoming the host of a top-rated health podcast wasn’t easy, as he's had to face his own inner obstacles around beliefs, habits, lessons, and perceptions on his path to becoming the greatest version of himself.

On today’s show, Clark openly shares his story of overcoming orthorexia, body image issues, and the trials and struggles that plague millions of millennial across the country.

Listen as Clark Uncovers:

  • Overcoming obstacles with self-awareness
  • The power of journaling as a life practice
  • How to setup your journal for transformational success
  • Cultivating the life that you want through action
  • What people need most right now in health and wellness

Links from today’s show:

Fun Fact: Clark loves to tick off his neighbors through intense tribal drumming sessions

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Journaling, Transformation & Truth With Clark Danger

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