Josh Trent Interviews Fitness Celebrity Juan Carlos Santana

Josh Trent Interviews Fitness Celebrity Juan Carlos Santana

From Blog Tak Radio:

UW Sidekick Josh Trent discuss fitness, nutrition, and weight loss with one of the founders of functional training, Juan Carlos Santana. JC is an internationally-know trainer, author, and presenter. He is also the owner of The Institute of Human Performance, where he trains professional athletes and MMA fighters. Hosted by Josh Trent of Wellness Force

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Joel Proskewitz and The Strength Company presents JC Santana in the UK for his dynamic MMA certification.

Learn from one of the world's leading fitness trainers. JC Santana will teach his philosophy and training principles that have made him one of the most successful and popular fitness presenters…..don't miss it!

Josh Trent from with Juan Carlos Santana at IHP in Boca Raton, FL at the IHP Mentorship program

The Top 4 Reasons I Love IHP 

  • IHP is the world's Premier Functional Training Facility, and fitness professionals from all over the world come to IHP to learn the latest training methods from Juan Carlos Santana and theIHP Staff. JC Santana is the owner and director of IHP and has been acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities on training and performance. Men's Journel voted JC as one of the top 100 Personal Trainers in the United States, and  Men's Health voted IHP as one of the top 20 facilities in the country.
  • The advancement of the fitness industry is also something that IHP is deeply committed to. JC Santana has served as state director for 4 years and IHP has hosted  Florida state clinics for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) , and JC has served on various NSCA committees.
  • JC Santana designed IHP to be a philanthropic gym deeply rooted in the local as well as the professional community.
  • IHP is the place to go to turn your fitness dreams into reality. If you are a fitness professional, IHP is the place to go for your continuing education and to learn the latest training methods the fitness industry has to offer.

Learn more about IHP FIT on their website here




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