Is There a Difference Between Turkesterone and Ecdysterone?

Is There a Difference Between Turkesterone and Ecdysterone?Since the inception, both ecdysterone and turkesterone have been quite famous in the market. However, whenever we see two excellent products, we start comparing them, thanks to our natural instinct. And, we’re going to do the same in this article as well, between turkesterone and ecdysterone. So, are you excited about it? Then, let’s get started!

Turkesterone And Ecdysterone – Taking A Closer Look

Turkesterone, in essence, a bioactive compound naturally occurring in a plant widely known as Ajuga turkestanica. In Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan, it’s used as an adaptogenic and can be beneficial for improving your strength. In addition, it can also boost your energy massively.

Ecdysterone, on the other hand, is a type of steroid, commonly found in water animals as well as insects. However, although it has the same structure to the testosterone hormone, it doesn’t offer the same benefit. Ecdysterone is known for improving core and muscle strength.

Turkesterone And Ecdysterone – The Similarities

If we’re being honest, both ecdysterone and turkesterone are quite similar to each other. We’ll talk about it to some extent in this section in a table format. Let’s begin, then.

Similarity – 1: The Core Origin

Although they derive from different backgrounds, both ecdysterone and turkesterone are, in essence, ecdysteroids. Therefore, their core benefits are pretty much the same.

Similarity – 2: No Toxicity

Secondly, neither of these compounds are toxic in any manner. They won’t cause any adverse effect on you, as long as you’re consuming as prescribed by your trainer or doctor.

Similarity – 3: Not Androgenic-Anabolic Steroids

As the subheading suggests, neither of these products are like an anabolic-androgenic steroid. Therefore, the positive effect provided by them will stick till the end.

Turkesterone And Ecdysterone – The Differences 

The differences between turkesterone and ecdysterone aren’t too visible, to be entirely honest. But, if you want to choose the best one between them – the more you know, the better.




Deriving From… A plant called Ajuga turkestanica, found in Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan. Aquatic animals and various insects found in the rainforest segment.
Wound Healing  It actively supports our body’s wound healing procedure. It can increase the healing statute of your body, but doesn’t actively participate in the process.
Core Benefit It’s best for treating bacterial infection and stomach ache. It also comes with antioxidant properties that can improve your liver health to some extent. Can help in building your muscle strength and improving your physique as well. 
Human Trial There’s no proof of using it on humans available out there. It has had more than one successful trial out there. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

 Is There a Difference Between Turkesterone and Ecdysterone?In this section, we’ll focus on the topic again, but in a different question-answer manner. So, let’s see what we’ve got in store for you.

Are Turkesterone And Ecdysterone The Same Thing?

Although they do have “sterone” as their suffix, they’re not the same in any manner. On the contrary, they offer different benefits to your body. For example, Turkesterone can help you treat your stomach ache while Ecdysterone is all about improving your strength and muscle.

Should I Stack Turkesterone Or Ecdysterone?

Well, that would depend on what you want to go for. We mean, if you want to focus more on your strength, opting for Ecdysterone would be ideal for you. Conversely, Turkesterone is all about increasing your energy so that you can exercise for a prolonged period of time.

What Type Of Steroid Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone, in essence, is a phytoecdysteroid and comes with possessing a 11α-hydroxyl group. Hence, it usually doesn’t affect your health too much, as long as you’re not consuming it more than you’re prescribed to.

The Bottom Line

Honestly, when it comes to building your body, both Ecdysterone and Turkesterone can offer quite amazing benefits as a whole. However, as mentioned in the article, their core purpose of usage is quite different from the other. Thus, before you start consuming them, don’t forget to determine why you want to use them. Also, don’t forget to talk to your doctor beforehand as well. They’ll tell you if these products are safe for you or not. Good luck!


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