How To Uplevel Your Love Life In 2018 w/ CEO of MeetMindful Amy Baglan

How To Uplevel Your Love Life In 2018 w/ CEO of MeetMindful Amy Baglan

“What is it about adding mindfulness to the mix that makes this one the real deal? Quite simply, because it works. In the same way things like whole food diets and yoga were once fringe trends, we’ve experienced a tipping point where enough people have accepted these things as an integral part of their lives. Mindfulness is no different.” – Amy Baglan

Instead of immediately focusing on getting in shape, what if you spent time becoming emotionally fit to kick off 2018?

Get ready to dive into the authentic masculine and feminine self in addition to understanding how relationships can be a catalyst for mindfulness.

On Wellness + Wisdom 157, CEO and Founder of the dating app, MeetMindful, Amy Baglan, explains how you can make more meaningful, authentic connections with other people to enhance your personal wellness. Not just in a romantic relationship, but with others who also want to live a more mindful, health-focused life.

Learn how to grow from a place of authenticity. 

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MeetMindful is a relationships company that inspires people to make meaningful connections every day, revolutionizing the way you meet and connect with others in daily life.

Maybe you're looking for long-term love with a partner who shares your core values. Perhaps you just want to meet more like-minded friends to grab a coffee with on a Saturday afternoon. The bottom line? You're looking for people to connect with, people who get you.

At MeetMindful, we experience life to its fullest potential; we live deeply and with intention. We thrive by exploring, learning and growing. Here, we bring together a community that encourages you to embrace the friction and vulnerability that comes with growth.

MeetMindful is the meeting ground for your most life-changing and inspiring connections. We don’t create the magic moments; we create the space for you to make your own.

Listen To Episode 157 As Amy Baglan Uncovers:

  • Why any relationship with someone else is the fastest way for you to grow.
  • The reason why authenticity was so important to her; even at a young age.
  • How her relationship with her family inspired her to design MeetMindful.
  • Why working in a huge corporation setting just wasn't right for her and why she loves working in startups.
  • How yoga gave her the peace of mind and stillness that allowed her to realize she could make the changes that she wanted to see happen in her life.
  • The different routes you can take through the Institution for Integrated Nutrition and why she decided to create a social network instead of do something like coaching.
  • Why websites like don't allow you to truly see whether or not you can connect with someone on an authentic level.
  • Her past event company, Yoga Dates, in Denver, Colorado and how they helped give people the permission to bond and talk over their passion for yoga.
  • How mindfulness can help you create a more enriching experience in relationships in addition to the natural chemistry and attraction you have with someone else.
  • The signs that will tell you whether or not you can trust someone from a dating app.
  • Variable awards on MeetMindful and why the ultimate goal is to help people find a wonderful relationship so that they can leave the app.
  • Why you should listen to your body and not your mind to tell you what you feel in the moment and more importantly, with someone else.
  • How companies can improve their communications tactics between employees by being more mindful and open about emotions.
  • Why a relationship with someone new can actually help you grow and heal.
  • Ghosting and how it's become something acceptable in our society even though it shouldn't be accepted at all.
  • How to nicely say to someone that the relationship just isn't going to work out.

Power Quotes From The Show

“There's always going to be work to do in a relationship, but you get to choose who you want to do it with. You and your partner have to learn how to be in conflict together. So, if doing that work and being in conflict together always brings out the worst in both of you, that tells you something about your relationship.” – Amy Baglan

“I've always had this desire that people show up as their authentic self rather than put on a front or be superficial. I can't connect with others when they're not being true about themselves.” – Amy Baglan

“I always urge people to look at how a potential partner acts and not pay attention to what they say. The way that people show up in the world, their behavior, and how they treat other people including yourself cannot be filtered by words.” – Amy Baglan

“Dating apps are almost like a trigger happy, fast food style atmosphere where there's almost too many options and choices. This is teaching younger generations that this is all there is. They learn that people can be disposable and that the quantity of connections over quality is better.” – Amy Baglan

“If all a person does is share pictures of selfies on a dating app and they only care about what their body looks like, then they probably don't value anything else about themselves. If that's the case, then I certainly don't think they're going to value much else about myself either.” – Amy Baglan

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About Amy Baglan

Amy Baglan is the Founder of MeetMindful, an online dating site where mindful singles connect with one another to find true love. MeetMindful is a relationships company that inspires people to make meaningful connections every day.

They are not only a dating app, but a meeting ground for people who want to live their happiest, healthiest lives—and connect with others who feel the same. Amy has created a business for people who value healthy living, yoga, meditation, authentic connections and more and she believes relationships are the fastest way to personal growth



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