How to Maintain Good Urinary Health as You Age

How to Maintain Good Urinary Health as You AgeAging can lead to many unwanted health issues that pop up. Unfortunately, your bladder health is one of those problems where many people wait until symptoms appear before doing anything.

Your urinary health is vital to maintain since aging contributes to the weakening of the muscles surrounding your bladder, which makes it harder to hold it when you need the bathroom. Read on to discover what you can do to help maintain your urinary health as you get older and what else you can do if you’re dealing with bladder problems.

Talk To Your Doctor

First and foremost, you must discuss this with your doctor. Don’t avoid the issue because it’s embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about. Some urinary problems occur due to something you may not be able to prevent, so it’s crucial to ensure that your doctor rules out other causes. You don’t want the problem to become more bothersome and more severe for your health if things worsen!

Your doctor can provide many recommendations to get you on the path to maintaining better bladder health. There are some outside options to help with sudden urges, such as pads for your underwear or even medications depending on the type of urinary issue you are dealing with.

Kegel Exercises

Strengthening your pelvic floor goes a long way to helping you maintain good bladder health. If you’ve already been doing kegel exercises or working on building strength in your pelvic muscles, chances are you aren’t experiencing a lot of issues with your bladder.

However, many women, particularly, notice after things like childbirth, known as stress incontinence. Sneezing, coughing, and laughing can all cause leakage. This sudden pressure on the bladder causes urine to come out and can be managed with the help of products like Because Market's incontinence underwear.

Likewise, any exercises or workouts where you engage your pelvic floor muscles will help to build up the resistance while supporting your bladder functions. It’s important that you find out how to locate the muscles and understand proper technique when exercising.

Drink Fluids Regularly

How to Maintain Good Urinary Health as You AgeDrinking plenty of water is a great way to flush out bacteria and clean your urinary tract. While this may seem counterintuitive since it means more trips to the bathroom, it’s an excellent way to keep your urinary health in good shape.

Consider pushing a couple of extra glasses of water daily and gradually increasing it weekly. If you’re unsure how much water you need to drink, speak to a doctor or nutrition expert.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Your diet can significantly affect your bladder, so it can be helpful to consult a nutritionist and evaluate what you’re eating.

Here are some of the risk factors associated with your bladder’s health to watch out for:

  • Alcohol consumption – too much alcohol makes your liver overwork and causes multiple bathroom trips.
  • Excessive caffeine – caffeine is another diuretic, so it’ll increase the frequency in which you go, so try not to overdo it on the morning coffee.
  • Smoking – Tobacco is a major risk factor for bladder problems and cancer.
  • Holding it – if you have to go, then go! Holding it attributes to weakening those muscles over time and paves the way for bladder incontinence or being unable to empty fully when urinating.

Exercising Daily

Fluid buildup in your limbs can cause you to go to the bathroom more often. So, working on adding in some exercise, even just walking daily, can help reduce any fluid retention and keep you from experiencing bladder problems.

Exercise is also an excellent way to keep your other organs functioning properly, including your bladder. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you prevent any bladder issues as you age.

Maintaining Good Urinary Health

While it is normal to experience more urinary problems as you get older, if you work on practicing more healthy habits, you can control those problems. Poor urinary health can hold you back from doing things as you age, so knowing and understanding the type of urinary issues you’re experiencing and working to prevent them is essential.

Talk with a health provider if you’re experiencing bladder issues or are concerned about bladder incontinence as you get older. Find out what steps are best for you to work on maintaining good urinary health.


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