How To Heal From Trauma + Why It’s Normalized By Society

In this episode, we are learning from Elise Micheals, who is a trauma-informed coach specializing in men's mental health, how to heal from trauma, as well as some uncomfortable truths and empowering wisdom for all the men and women who support them to take away from today's show.

A cornerstone of what we talk about here so we can have mastery over negative self-talk and be in harmony with our minds is this concept of pure mental health.

When it comes to the way that trauma impacts our mental health where do we go to pick up the pieces when we've had a traumatic event, especially as men?

How To Heal From Trauma

Whether you are a man or a woman who supports a man, or a wife who supports a husband, or just a woman who is a friend of a man who is struggling with mental health, you'll want to stick around to the very end of this episode.

Elise is going to share how to identify repeated patterns and toxic relationships, why we all need to be trauma-informed, healing generational trauma, and why trauma is normalized and ignored by the majority of our society.

I would even go so far as to say that trauma is monetized which is really at the core of why I believe it continues to perpetuate. let's get wiser and better with this awesome conversation with Elise Micheals.

Mental + Physical Health Connection

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Let's face it, when you're mentally not well, eventually you become physically not well. From my own teachings and in my own life and over the past 20 years of being in the fitness and wellness world, I see it time and time again where the mental and the physical are one, as above so below, you cannot have the brain inhabit the body unless the body is well and the best way to make our body well is to take care of our adaptogenic threshold.

This is an interesting concept because at the point of homeostasis, or perfect balance in the body if you want the scientific term, there are check and balance systems within our central nervous system, enteric nervous system, and in all the communication channels of the body there are feedback systems that communicate to one another when we need nutrients.

Most foods do not contain adaptogens. Adaptogens are special herbs and compounds that appear only in the highest-quality superfoods on the planet and they are scarce and hard to source.

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You can try Red Juice, Green Juice, and all the health supplements that have organic adaptogens that are hard to source organically. A lot of companies out there source really crappy, non-organic, pesticide-sprayed adaptogens.

But in the Red Juice (which is my all-time favorite) there are cordyceps, reishi, and red beet. All organic, it tastes amazing, and you can help your body achieve homeostasis – that's what adaptogens do.


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