Life Is Unfair, Now What? How To Heal Childhood Trauma – Liz Swail

Liz Swail is an entrepreneur, weightlifter, mom, wife, and wellness expert based in Austin, where she and her husband Michael run their Holistic Wellness Center Alive and Well.

Liz had a complicated journey into the health and wellness space. Growing up, she experienced a turbulent family, eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, and poverty.

Childhood: Comparing the “then” and “now” of her life, touching on how she transformed her own health by making changes over time.

In this podcast, we explore the depths of a very profound question: Life is unfair, now what?

How to Kill Childhood Trauma & The Courage to Rising Above Dark Energy and Emotional Pain

This is the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, and I am Josh Trent.

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The Healing Spiral: Letting Go of Our Childhood Trauma

In this podcast you're going to learn so much about my friend Liz, including how we met and her background which shaped her own disorders and dysfunctions that she has healed and continues to heal from.

I really respect Liz. She has been through so much and she's going to give us so much to take away on how we can break our negative mindset and behavior cycles, no matter what has happened for us in life.

We'll talk about never robbing someone of their process, how tall is a breakthrough at an early point in life, the healing spiral, the contraction and expansion, and why outside control starts with dividing family.

This isn't a conspiracy theory podcast, but Liz and I have a shared viewpoint on what's happening in our world, and why the American family specifically is being taken apart and what we can do about it.

We'll also talk about building connection with ourselves and our partner, and unblocking irrational fear to let go of trauma. I really think you're going to love, towards the end of the show, how much Liz cares for others, which is a direct reflection of how she cares for herself.

Head over to Everything about Liz and her center ‘Alive and Well’. See all the links and resources over at

Now let's tune in with Liz Swail.


About Josh Trent

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