Danny-J JohnsonDanny-J is the owner of The Sweaty Betties: an “irreverent group of women who are looking to get fit and have a whole lot of fun along the way.” Her goal is to help as many people as possible learn the truth about nutrition and how to live a full, balanced and happy life.

This is a very special episode for me because I had the pleasure of starting my career in fitness with Danny-J way back in 2004 in Las Vegas when we both began our coaching and training journey at a 24 Hour Fitness as rookie trainers. I’ve been able to watch her build a social empire of over 300,000 active members that truly serve women in fitness and in life.

Danny-J Johnson was a national level fitness, figure, and bikini competitor for 4 years, and her passion for fitness lead her all the way through a Master’s program in Health Promotion and Exercise Science.

She holds numerous certifications for personal training and weight-loss and is an accomplished trainer, helping dozens of clients lose OVER 100 lbs. and helping 1,000’s of clients live healthier in her 8+ years of training.

Danny-J created the Sweaty Betties after learning that sweating and having fun go hand in hand, she wanted to reach out to others and share her experience.

But she wasn’t always such a positive and motivational person, however. She had her share of struggles, being a very suicidal teen, she ended up pregnant at 15 years old.

This year, she’s creating an even more exciting way to empower women with a focus on emotional strength, getting people out of their heads and into action.

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Listen as Danny-J Uncovers

  • Getting out of the mind and into action
  • The 3 most powerful mindset shifts
  • Common obstacles that get people stuck
  • Getting out of the mind and into action

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