How To Build A Bulletproof Brain With Jesse Lawler


How To Build A Bulletproof Brain With Jesse Lawler

What are the things that actually make a difference for creating and maintaining a healthy bulletproof brain?

Can nootropics and cognitive enhancers yield more drive and allow us to thrive in the busy world, or are they just a stimulant ride for a crash and burn?

Today on the show, we're lucky to have on an expert in the field of brain health and cognitive enhancers to unpack this rapidly growing part of the wellness industry, Jesse Lawler.

Optimal Cognition

Jesse is the host of the top-rated iTunes Smart Drug Smarts Podcast, and the Founder of AXON LABS. Through his website, media, and radio personality, he powerfully shares his passion as stated on his site:

“Being fascinated with the idea of the self – of having a “self” at all, in the philosophical sense – is nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s something to revel in.”

He speaks regularly on podcasts and live radio (KCRW in Los Angeles, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast), and at real-world conferences and events (the Dynamite Circle conference in Bangkok; Oxford University, BioHackingCon 2016, etc.) on topics related to optimal cognition, smart drugs, bioethics, futurism, and more.

Smart Drugs: Are They Smart For You?

Jesse's podcast, Smart Drug Smarts, is for people who want to keep up on the latest breakthroughs in brain health and optimization and related areas of neuroscience.

On today's episode, Jesse explains the 7 types of cognitive enhancers, what and who nootropics are for, and shares a handful of fascinating stories about his own life and passion for optimizing the brain.

How To Build A Bulletproof Brain

Pronunciation aside, below are the 7 nootropics (cognitive enhancers) that we'll discuss on the show:

  • Racetams
    • speeds up chemical exchange between brain cells. Effects include increases in verbal learning, mental clarity, and general IQ.
  • Stimulants
    • psychostimulants, affects of caffeine and nicotine, and the more ill-reputed subclass of amphetamines.
  • Adaptogens
    • plant-derived chemicals whose activity helps the body maintain or regain homeostasis
  • Cholinergics
    • choline-based class of smart drugs play important cognitive roles in memory, attention, and mood regulation.
  • Seratonegenics
    • primary neurotransmitter and controls major features of the mental landscape including mood, sleep and appetite.
  • Dopaminergics
    • promotes attention and alertness by either increasing the efficacy of dopamine within the brain, or inhibiting the enzymes that break dopamine down
  • Metabolic Function Smart Drugs
    • provide mental benefits by generally facilitating the body's metabolic processes related to the production of new tissues and the release of energy from food and fat stores

The Three Must-Have Supplements For A Bulletproof Brain

In as difficult of an answer as it was with all the powerful and brain-boosting supplements out there, Jesse was kind enough to share the three supplements he never leaves home without (and two bonus)

Learn more about Jesse's stack

  • Racetam
  • Fish oil (Omega 3)
  • Creatine
  • NEXUS (15% off using code WELLFX)
  • MITOGEN (15% off using code WELLFX)

Links From Today's Show

Bonus Clip

At the end of episode at 47:01,listen to Jesse and I discuss

a journey from our experiences into holotropic breathing, inspired by Dr. James Eyerman from the Smart Drug Smarts Podcast.

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