How Can You Improve Bone Health On An AIP Diet?

How Can You Improve Bone Health On An AIP Diet?From providing structure to protecting internal organs, bones are very important and we must keep them healthy. Bones are made up of a structural protein called collagen and calcium phosphate that makes them hard and strong. They store a lot of calcium and release some into the bloodstream as and when required by the body. The number of vitamins and minerals that you eat, especially Vitamin D and Calcium directly affect the calcium deposits in your bones. Hence your skeletal system demands strength and it is directly affected by what you eat. So, to decrease bone loss, you need to make certain changes in your diet and lifestyle. Read below to learn how you can make your bones stronger with the AIP diet. This is critical because as you age, you can reduce the risk for osteoporosis and related complications.

Include Lots Of Colored Veggies And Fruits:

Bones need a lot of vitamins and minerals to function well. The AIP diet includes lots of greens and colored vegetables that are rich in these nutrients. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in high concentrations in fresh fruits and vegetables. It is vital for the production of bone-forming cells and preventing them from oxidation. Women and elderly people should consume at least three cups of fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid low bone density, which is the reason behind a lot of bone problems.

Consume More Protein

How Can You Improve Bone Health On An AIP Diet?Our bones are made up of 50% protein. Good protein content in the diet can have a positive effect on mineral density in your bones. When your bones are low in protein, they cannot absorb enough calcium which is essential for optimal health. So, make sure you get a protein-rich diet to increase the flow of more calcium to your bones. If you don't consume adequate amount of protein, it may lead to bone loss. This is why you should have ample protein in your diet to keep your bones strong. Those on Autoimmune protocol always get good amounts of protein because AIP encourages eating healthy protein which, in turn, promotes good health and reduces inflammation of tissues.

Add More Calcium to Your Diet

Calcium is an essential mineral that our body needs in generous amounts to maintain bone health. It is an essential component of the bone that makes up 99% of the calcium pool in the body. Low levels of calcium can make bones brittle and fragile. So, you need to fuel up your body with calcium to keep them healthy and strong. Bone broth, organic meats, fish, green vegetables are good sources of calcium and you should include them in your daily AIP diet.

Consider Including Paleo Protein Supplements

How Can You Improve Bone Health On An AIP Diet?When suffering from certain autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, the bones are generally weak and the joints are inflamed. To help reduce inflammation and promote good bone and joint health, you must follow a healthy diet like autoimmune protocol or the paleo diet to help reduce the autoimmune conditions. Additionally adding protein supplements that are 100% AIP compliant can provide great nourishment and also may help reduce autoimmune conditions. Paleo Perfection protein is made from grass-fed bone and adhering meat, which is the cleanest and most flavorful autoimmune supplement on the market.

Conclusion: The AIP protein supplements that you get from Autoimmune Health & Nutrition are specially formulated for those people on Autoimmune Protocol. We use grass-fed beef which is super rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and also healthy fats. Two scoops of paleo protein in just a glass of water or your favorite smoothie provide great nourishment to your body. Paleo Protein is available in five delicious flavors, Order yours, today!


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