Steph Gaudreau Steph Gaudreau helps people get healthy, happy & harder to kill through nutrition, fitness & mindset work.

She is the author of the “Most Anticipated New Cookbook” by Paleo Magazine in January 2015 and a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, with her book, The Paleo Athlete.

Steph is the host of a #1 ranked iTunes podcast Harder to Kill Radio, where she speaks about how to forge unbreakable humans.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and has been a high school biology/chemistry teacher for more than a decade. Steph found paleo and CrossFit in 2010 which changed her life and work forever…..

From her journey as a young woman plagued with food and weight issues, from joining weight watchers to even eating vegetarian, shedding body issues to growing new psychological strength, Steph shares her incredible heart, and her mind, with Wellness Force Radio.

Today's show is a very special episode and is all about learning how to make ourselves stronger or as Steph says, being an unbreakable human.

Overcoming body issues to growing new psychological strength, @StupidEasyPaleo shares her incredible heart & mind To Tweet

Listen As Steph Uncovers:

  • How to set goals and plugin healthy eating to a busy life.
  • Discover how to kick sugar cravings for good.
  • How to begin a more primal or paleo lifestyle… stupid easy.
  • Learn about her battle with sugar and how at 36 she's come full circle.
  • What technology apps she uses in her personal health journey.

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