[spp-player]Today on the Wellness Force Radio Podcast, we learn from Master Trainer Clifton Harski:

Cliff is the Director of Training & Global Head Coach for Fitwall. A lifelong athlete and collegiate basketball player, Clifton has been in the fitness industry for more than 9 years. He holds a degree in Kinesiology from SDSU and is a Master Instructor for Animal Flow.

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Listen as Cliff discusses:

  • What is Fitwall and how it is revolutionizing the fitness industry
  • Fitness Technology and how tracking heart rate can drastically change results
  • Heart Rate & HRV, what works and what doesn't
  • Behavior Change inside and outiside the 4 walls of the gym

Cliff is not just an amazing athlete; he is also an incredible instructor. In just the last 3 years has taught over 1,500 people throughout the US, conducting over 100 workshops covering different fitness systems for multiple companies. In addition to his work with Animal Flow and Fitwall, he currently works with KB Athletics to certify coaches in proper instruction of kettlebell training.

Prior to his position at Fitwall he ran his own company BA Training, which taught kettlebell and Bodyweight training workshops throughout the United States and also ran Bootycamp in San Diego, CA. He spent 1.5 years at MovNat as a Master Trainer, and coached over 1,400 people in over 80 workshops for MovNat.

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