Every Human Being Deserves Bodily Autonomy

Find out how you can retake a claim on your bodily autonomy and health freedom.

Hey friend it's Josh Trent and this is the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast. This is where you will get the physical and emotional intelligence you need to live your life well…

This is episode 443 with my friend and colleague Leslie Manookian | Health Freedom: Your Bodily Autonomy, Informed Consent & How Your Choices Are Censored

Your Right to Bodily Autonomy

What you put on your body and inside of your body is the most important choice you could ever make.

But what about your bodily autonomy, informed consent, and how your choices are censored?

In other words, what if you didn't know you didn't know something about your health freedom?

And what others are allowed and not allowed to do when it comes to your body?

This is a really important and powerful episode after the wake of a two-week psychological experiment. An experience that turned into over 2 years that bankrupted millions of people and was a direct attack on your health freedom and the freedom of your children.

Health Freedom for All

In this episode, Leslie returns to the podcast with a background in award-winning documentary films. She was a successful Wall Street business executive who chose to leave Wall Street at the height of her career in order to pursue a more meaningful path. She is a qualified Homeopathy, nutrition and well-being enthusiast, and Health Freedom advocate.

She's also the founder of the Health Freedom Defense Fund which you need to know about and all of your neighbors and friends and family need to know about as well.

Freedom starts in the mind and the mind is shown on the body, in other words as above so below, you know this to be true yes?

Wellness Starts with Good Choices

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Every Human Deserves Health

We're getting into this podcast today you're going to learn about:

  • The Health Freedom Defense Fund
  • What has really transpired in the past two years since Leslie was on in the middle of lockdowns,
  • Bodily autonomy
  • How companies make statistics favor their financial goals
  • The spiritual and informational war going on now
  • Examples of misuse of mRNA as spoken about by the patent owner himself

You'll end with education on the fight for freedom and what you can do right now today to make sure that your body and your children's body and the bodies of people you know remain autonomous.

I don't care who you are, whether it's in Nazi Germany or communist China or right here in the United States, no one, and I repeat no one gets to tell you or force you what you put on or inside of your body. End of story.

If you don't agree with that you may not want to listen to this episode; actually, I change my mind if you don't agree with that I implore you to listen to this episode.

Please share this podcast as wide and far as you can. We need more health freedom and bodily autonomy with informed consent now than ever before.

I don't believe in Doom and Gloom, I believe in humanity, and it's conversations like this with Leslie to fuel the intelligent hope and love that this world needs.

Head over to joshtrent.com/443 for all the full show notes and all the discounts at joshtrent.com/store.


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