How To Recover Faster And Perform Better With Eric Glader

“We're gathering all of this data with Fitbits, rings, and other trackers that are giving us a snap shot of who we are, but none of them are actually saying how we can aggregate that data into actual therapy. That's where we're now moving with technology.” – Eric Glader

Imagine being able to improve your physical performance or speed up the muscle recovery process with just a push of a button. Thanks to years of research, product development, and test trials, that is now a reality with the PowerDot Muscle Stimulator. Anywhere at anytime, you now have the ability to electronically stimulate the muscles. It's not a complete replacement for physical or chiropractic therapy, but it's meant to be a tool to help the treatment last longer.

On this episode of Wellness Force Radio 148, tune in as as CEO and Co-Founder of PowerDot, Eric Glader, shares the benefits of electronic muscle stimulation for increased performance, recovery, and wellness.

'Movement will make you feel better. At a very basic level, movement of the muscle will make it more pliable and looser.' - Eric Glader @GetPowerDotClick To Tweet

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PowerDot, The World's First Connected Muscle Stimulator

Listen To Episode 148 As Eric Glader Uncovers:

  • How his childhood influenced his career in the world of startup wellness technology.
  • What PowerDot is and what inspired Eric to bring it to the commercial market.
  • The history of EMS to replicate a muscle contraction for both fast and slow twitch.
  • Benefits of EMS and PowerDot including muscle strength performance, recovery, and wellness.
  • Why RICE is not the best way to treat our bodies and recover from an intense workout.
  • How we can use PowerDot and compression socks while flying.
  • Who benefits the most from using the PowerDot Muscle Stimulator.
  • What you can use PowerDot for and what you cannot; who can and who shouldn't use PowerDot.
  • How the PowerDot was invented and the latest developments they have planned for 2018.
  • What motivated Eric to become involved in this industry and why he's so passionate about it.
  • Why PowerDot is not a replacement for physical or chiropractic therapy, but a means to enhance it.
  • How to use PowerDot specifically helps to contract the muscles for explosive strength when lifting weights.
  • The line between privacy and technology in the world of health and wellness.
  • The benefits of functional fitness especially as we become older.

Power Quotes From The Show

'When you start focusing on you, everything gets a little better. When you're healthy, your outputs are healthy. When you feel good, your interactions with people are going to feel good. - Eric Glader @GetPowerDotClick To Tweet

“Who you surround yourself with is usually who you become. If you surround yourself with good people, you'll learn a lot, but you also have to admit that you don't know everything.” – Eric Glader

“We want to make electrical muscle stimulation portable and simple so that our customers can get quality training care anywhere or anytime in the world. If you're on a plane, you can use this device. It's discrete and can fit in any work bag so you can have it available when you get 10-15 minutes of free time.” – Eric Glader

“When you start focusing on you,  everything gets a little better. When you're healthy, your outputs are healthy. When you feel good, your interactions with people are going to feel good. As long as I'm taking care of my body, I'm going to be good.” – Eric Glader

“I love the sport, the people we work with, and I know that everyone needs to move. Our goal at PowerDot is to make sure that the majority of people who want to pursue life, that want to move through life, and that want to go after it every single day can get access to therapy anywhere or anytime in the world.” – Eric Glader

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