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Easy Fat Loss Park Workouts

Who said you need a gym to burn fat? Not really, just the right moves and the right motivation.

Josh Trent NASM-CES, Nicole Pizzi, Christal Adams and Ryan Halvorson take you through some creative functional circuits in Mission Beach, CA. Throw away your cardio equipment all you need to burn fat is a rubber band, a park bench and your body weight!!! Bored with your workouts? Try these moves on for size, any questions feel free to message me! This video is a mix of great memories and stills after the circuits that really show the colors of Mission Beach.

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Easy Fat Loss Park Workouts

HIIT can also be fantastic for skin health. As stated in our previous article,


“The secret in HIIT is that it produces EPOC in the body long after the session is over. After cardiovascular exercise or weight training such as HIIT, the body continues to need oxygen at a higher rate than before the exercise began. This sustained oxygen consumption is known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Studies have shown metabolic activityrelated to HIIT for up to 48 hours after the intense exercise bout. Much like skin care products however, not all HIIT programs are created equal. Some may even produce a catabolic, or muscle loss, state in the body resulting in a lowered metabolism and sagging skin. I meet with these clients frequently as they finish a 10-week marathon-training program. Once completing the race, they have done an exhausting steady state cardio program and poorly timed HIIT session protocol, which most likely forces them into severe adrenal fatigue.

Food for thought- when was the last time you saw a frail, saggy armed Olympic sprinter? Most are highly muscular and have tremendous explosive power for short distances. Olympic sprinters use HIIT and periodization when training for the world games. On the other side of the coin, when was the last time you saw an avid marathon runner who was extremely muscular and strong? There are a high percentage of marathoners that suffer from overtraining and unwarranted catabolism from not doing proper strength and/or HIIT programs. Most of my clients who train for marathons end up gaining fat and losing muscle due to their bodies breaking down muscle tissue and storing fat as the body’s response to the excessive oxidative stress. For best results and safety, it is best to consult a qualified fitness professional when starting any cardiovascular program after being cleared to do so by a physician.”


Read more about HIIT here!

Easy Fat Loss Park Workouts

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