Do THIS For Depression: Spiritual Habits For Mental Freedom

Do this for depression to cultivate greater spiritual habits and mental freedom as Eric Zimmer joins Josh Trent on Wellness + Wisdom again.

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Do THIS For Depression

This is episode 456 Eric Zimmer | Essential Wisdom: How To Move From Knowledge & Experience Towards Compassion

Moving from knowledge and experience into compassion is absolutely one of my deepest learning Grooves.

How about you?

If you take a deep breath from your belly right now, and pull it all the way up to the temple of your head, then let it go with an audible exhale; just listen for a second.

Let’s do it a second time.

Inhale nose, exhale mouth.

After this second deep belly breath, let my question go right to your heart.

Let go of your mind, right now, and just let this question hit your heart:

What is a way that all the knowledge and experience you have, everything you've been through, everything you've learned is actually blocking you from being more compassionate to yourself or others?

Spiritual Habits For Mental Freedom

I’ll ask it again…

Take another deep breath.

For all the people, places and things that have impacted you up until this moment, ask your soul right now:

What is one way I could be more compassionate towards myself and others?

You probably found a deep answer.

I know I did.

For me the answer is that I can relate to the responsibilities and the pressure that someone might feel to make them act in a way towards me that causes me to have less compassion for them.

In other words, to the degree that I allow someone’s energy into me to negatively affect me or cause me stress.

That's the degree that my awareness of their energy either has a codependent or a wounding lesson that is asking for healing inside of me.

Cultivating Great Compassion

Now I'm not one of these people that always in 100% of every situation turns it back around on myself, but 9 times out of 10 it’s definitely that way!

As we all search for meaning in this world and the wisdom to be well, which is essentially what this podcast is all about as we explore the 5 sided wellness pentagon…

(Which you can learn more about if you go over to

So as we all search for meaning, love and joy there are so many things that stand in the way and block us.

Either inside of ourselves or that God, Spirit, higher intelligence brings our way.

My guest today is the host of a podcast that I've been on that is truly amazing in life changing called “The One You Feed,” which is based on the parable of a Native American grandfather teaching his son.

It's an epic podcast and his name is Eric Zimmer, and he is my epic guest today.

Healing Depression

He is here to talk about some things that will move your heart and soul in a way that not many people can.

You're in for a total treat and you're going to enjoy this episode with Eric so much.

As you enjoy this episode with Eric, it is so important that as you are taking care of your wellness pentagon, that you also include time and spaciousness to invest in yourself with food.

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Healing Depression: Nourish Your Mind & Soul

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So now that we've talked on the physical part of the wellness pentagon, let's talk about the emotional and mental rewards that you will get from this podcast.

  • Eric shares with you the concept of “befriending” your negative emotions.
  • The value in being friends with all the ways that we feel instead of neglecting them.
  • Preventing and treating depression with self-love.
  • Breaking down feelings vs. emotions.
  • The key difference of essential wisdom between feelings, which I believe are guideposts to emotions.
  • How to better understand the root of your depression.
  • Why emotion-based triggers are the most important triggers that we all can develop.
  • Power of community and connection that heals addiction.
  • How to know and determine when it's time for change in your life.
  • Why pain and dissatisfaction is the primer that often leads to change, but also why hope get’s to be a part of change as well.

Everything you here today can be found at and make sure you tag us on Instagram!

Let us know you heard this wisdom right here with Wellness + Wisdom.



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