Dan Pardi: How To Find The Health You’re Looking For

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“Knowing without doing is the same thing as not knowing. What matters is if the knowledge that you have will give you an effective health practice for the long term.” – Dan Pardi 

Dan Pardi: How To Find The Health You’re Looking For

There is power in knowledge. With the best-sourced health and wellness information, we can make the right decisions for our own health. However, many sources claim to be the best or provide the ultimate solution. Thanks to sources like humanOS, we can sort through the sea of data, reports, and projects to find the answer to our health needs.

This week, entrepreneur, researcher, and developer of Loop Model to Sustain Health Behaviors, Dan Pardi, explains Self Determination Theory and motivation, the human connection, and his latest project, humanOS to help us find the best health information.

Find The Health You're Looking For


“You have more control over your health than anyone else.” –  Dan Pardi


There are many sources out there that claim that they have a quick fix solution to your health wants and needs, but they truly don't. These novelty, quick fix methods, products, and services may look appealing, but they aren't sustainable for long-term health results.

To find the best help for your health needs, you first have to clarify your own health problems.

Rather than trend hopping and relying on the latest health solution that you just read in the latest magazine, research and find out for yourself what your body needs.

Researching about your health can be so confusing  and time consuming with so much information out there in books, magazines, and the internet. Fortunately, Dan and his team have created humanOS to help us find the best, most credible sources of information.


Truth vs. Fiction For Health Research

In a recent interview on humanOS radio with Dr. David Katz of Yale, Dan mentioned:

“As well-intentioned as someone might be, I frequently find myself getting  frustrated, not when somebody’s passionate and wrong about an issue,  but when people can be overly confident and dismissive of  mainstream medicine’s consensus in favor of their own opinion which can often associate with their own financial reward.”


It's better late than never to embrace your responsibility to find the best method and motivation for you stay true to yourself and progress your health journey.

Once you have a proper perspective and mindset on health, you can make good decisions for yourself.

One challenge that we all face today is the fight against the modern lifestyle. We used to be hunters and gathers, but today we're consuming high processed foods and sitting around too much at home.

An unhealthy lifestyle doesn't only lead to chronic disease, but can impair our daily performance and relationships as well.

All the technology in the world won't help you, but you can use the power of technology to fight back against misinformed studies to do your own research.


Get in Touch With Your Health Needs


To ensure that you are finding the best information out there, look closely at who this researcher is and what their study is all about when you read different sources.

  • Who are they associated with?
  • Do they declare their method?
  • Do they provide a solution that's too good to be true?

If this source appears to provide a quick fix without any true research to back it up, be careful.


  • Do they have a realistic perspective?
  • Does their method clearly explain how it will help?
  • Is their research comprehensive?
  • Does their campaign have an overall, large framework?

Once you've found a legitimate piece of information on health, how can you incorporate it into your daily life?

  1. Try to clarify the problem that you're trying to solve.
  2. Find the right ideas that can help you.
  3. Understand those ideas deeply.
  4. Turn those into health and wellness skills.
  5. Maintain those health skills for life with good information.


Human Motivation

“Our job isn’t to motivate other people, it’s about creating the condition in which people can motivate themselves.” – Dan Pardi


Self Determination Theory – (SDT) is a theory of motivation. It is concerned with supporting our natural or intrinsic tendencies to behave in effective and healthy ways. SDT has been researched and practiced by a network of researchers around the world. The theory aims to understand motivation by looking at the core categories of human needs:

  1. Physical, which is things like thirst, and hunger, and sex.
  2. Psychological, which is the desire to be competent in anything but particularly things that are important.
  3. Autonomy, which speaks to the notion that we like to have freedom to determine our own path.
  4. Social needs, which is the sense of belonging to a group, recognition from others, and even the sense of power in your own life.

 Recent humanOS radio interview:

“The Most Advanced Understanding of How to Optimize Motivation,” with Dustin DiTommaso



Controlled vs Autonomous Motivation

SDT is a behavior model that tries to understand what human motivation is. Motivation has many different categories that can be placed into two different groups: Controlled Motivation and Autonomous Motivation.

Controlled Motivation

Controlled motivation is caused by external rewards such as a prize for accomplishing a goal. But you can also be punished by having something taken away from you if you don't complete the goal. You can also feel guilty for not accomplishing it.

Autonomous Motivation

Autonomous motivation is when a person is compelled to do something because the activity takes on some personal importance or it becomes a part of the person's belief system and it even becomes part of the person's identity.

You're not motivated by external rewards, but you do something because it's a part of your identity and who you are as a person.

Dan gave a great example to compare controlled and autonomous motivation:


“Someone who has controlled motivation runs for the physical reward. However, a person who has autonomous motivation will run in the rain despite all rational thinking because physical exercise is something they're compelled to do no matter the cost.” 

Using humanOS to Your Advantage

As a mission, humanOS helps people master their health. 

Understanding that this is necessary is actually critical to one's success of long-term help.


Because all the technology in the world won't be healthy for you. The technology can't just be available, you have to pick it up and use it and you have to use it the right way. HumanOS helps you benefit from the worlds best health technology and health information.

HxRefactored 2015: Dan Pardi “Prevention by Sustaining an Effective Daily Health Pattern” from HxRefactored on Vimeo.

Listen As Dan Uncovers

  • Why clarifying the exact health problem is missed by more than half of people seeking change
  • Novelty seeking vs. taking a deeper dive into what you know to be helpful
  • How do we get to the deeper understanding to creating skills for sustainable change
  • How to not get lost in the research and data for your health
  • Why Dan became frustrated by the ocean of misleading health information online and decided to do the academic work to create a trusted source based on science: humanOS.
  • Understanding the human behavior model
  • Why Dan was inspired from his father's early death from lifestyle
  • Dan's Ancestral Health Symposium Talk
  • Self Determination Theory
  • Internal motivation, autonomy, vs. external motivation, reward, punishment, validation
  • How to leverage different types of motivations for sustainable health change
  • Learning for efficacy vs learning for recognition
  • How does something go from interesting idea that you recognize to something that has a direct impact on your blood work?


About Dan Pardi

Dan Pardi is an entrepreneur and researcher whose life’s work is centered on how to facilitate health behaviors in others. He is the developer of Loop Model to Sustain Health Behaviors to help people live a healthy lifestyle in a modern world.

He does research with the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department at Stanford, and the Departments of Neurology and Endocrinology at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Dan specializes in building systems for health, behavior optimization and habit building, energy homeostasis, cognition, decision making, and physiology (sleep, exercise, and inactivity).

Dan also works with Naval Special Warfare to help the most elite fighters in the world maintain vigilant performance in both combat and non-combat conditions. Formerly, Dan served as Board Chairman of the Investigator Initiated Sponsored Research Association, a global non-profit aimed to promote best practices in the arena of academic research grants.

Resources Mentioned On the Show

What You'll Hear On The Show

  • 1:50  Josh discusses today's show topics
  • 3:50  Introduction to Dan
  • 4:45  Clarifying the health problem first
  • 8:00  How can we transition from novelty information to applying what's best for us?
  • 13:40  How can technology and resources like humanOS build a bridge for a healthier lifestyle?
  • 18:00 What is self determination theory? How does it connect with humanOS?
  • 19:00  Two different types of motivation: controlled and autonomous
  • 25:00  Connecting research with motivation
  • 26:50  Why do we need rewards to motivate us?
  • 28:40  How does human connection motivate us?
  • 32:00  Using studies for further learning of human behavior
  • 33:30  Why some forms of exercise like Cross Fit are scaring people away
  • 36:00  How do you cut through dogmatic sources of information and beliefs about health?
  • 40:00  How did you make humanOS so clear and easy to use?
  • 46:30  Who do we trust in the ocean of misinformation? How to take action
  • 50:20  When can people start to utilize humanOS? What's next for it?
  • 54:00 Takeaways from today's show

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One day during a practice, former head swim coach, Jon Brenner, shared with her that the most important thing about coaching the swimmers was that “It doesn’t matter if they become the best athletes in the world. What’s important is that we give them the tools and guidance they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle for the rest of their lives.”

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