Dad Bod To Healthy Bod?

Dad Bod to Healthy Bod? Find out how with these 3 easy food swaps!

Hi, this is Josh Trent sending you some warmth today from my heart to yours.

This is episode 440 of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast with Brian Sanders | Food Lies: New Science That's Changing Everything, Misconceptions of Our Ancestors & Why Scientists Are Paid For False Studies

This episode is perfect if you're ready to go from Dad Bod to Health Bod!

If you sometimes feel trapped by the food that you eat or if you're in a place right now where your body is crying out for new nutrition?

But maybe you don’t know exactly why you feel how you feel…

It may not be your fault as to why you're in the position you're in!

Lose The Dad Bod

Today we are exploring with our featured guest…

Why your intuitive food signaling mechanism has been blunted on purpose by the government's food pyramid guidelines.

Also, the billions of dollars that are spent by big food corporations to take over your biology.

I know that sounds pretty severe, and it was the first time I heard it in 2008 as well, but sometimes when it comes to food… the truth is hard to swallow.

You'll learn in this podcast:

  • Dad Bod to Healthy Bod
  • How to eat to burn body fat.
  • Why if you just remove these three things that Brian is talking about from your diet—literally just remove these three things—your health will radically transform.
  • Food psychology: the truth behind shifting your mindset and behaviors.
  • The secrets of the food industry that they don't want you to know.
  • How to navigate your new health identity.
  • How to eat what your grandmother ate, well your great-grandmother.
  • Brian’s polarizing view on veganism and Paleolithic nutrition… which is sure to be very compelling for your mind and your heart.

Food Lies Film

My guest today Brian Sanders quit his job after losing both of his parents to chronic illness, and he created a feature-length documentary called the “Food Lies.”

He's the host of the Peak Human Podcast and he's changing the way that we do HealthCare.

He also has a project called Sapien founded at who's building technology to help doctors, health coaches, and patients communicate more effectively and reverse chronic diseases.

If you yourself—or if you know someone who is dealing with any type of chronic disease—you will absolutely want to hear and watch this entire podcast from start to finish there's a lot of wisdom here for you and for all of us.

The Power of Breathwork

So I know there's a lot going on in the world right now… inside of you and I… and outside of us, so this is your reminder to take a deep breath.

Actually let's take (3) of them together right now we practice this all the time in our BREATHE Breath and Wellness Program over at

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing if it's safe, breathe with me right now.

Focus on expanding a balloon behind your belly button as you take a 2 second inhale through your nose, and then as you exhale 4 seconds through your mouth.. pull your belly button to your spine.

Mmmm, ahhh.

Reset Your Nervous System with BREATHE

It's a wild world, and sometimes our nervous system can get the best of us.

So you can always go back to your anchor, to pull yourself out of depression or to bring yourself back home from anxiety.

I built this BREATHE program to guide you towards clearing chronic stress using your breath in a three-week guided program.

I traveled the world for (4) years and spent a month in Thailand learning about the breathing techniques that will shift a human being from Fear To Love.

From anxiety and depression to calm focused attention.

If this year has already been stressful enough for you, or if you are seeking relief, just relief… that your nervous system is asking for…

I’m offering you a 25% discount code for the entire program (which is already cheaper than you taking your family to dinner or going out on a weekend anyways)

But I want to give you no excuses.

I want you to feel greater levels of peace that I have felt and embodied myself.

Just go to and use the code “PODCAST25” to save 25% today.

And join me, so I can guide you towards these techniques that will help you be better at stress for the rest of your life.

Check Out The Full Episode with Brian

Everything we talked about today can be found at and also every single product that's mentioned and all the things that I eat and that my family eats and that we all should be eating and consuming for greater Health…

Can be found at this is where you can get upwards to 40% off of products that you won't be able to get for this cheap with this much value anywhere on the entire internet.

That’s now let's dig in the lies and the truth when it comes to the food that we eat.


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