Cycles of Recommitment: How To Keep Promises To Yourself

When you hear the 3 words… “cycles of recommitment,” what thoughts arise?

Do you feel an immediate sense of obligation, or curiosity when it comes to why you broke a promise to yourself?

Do you tend to recommit to that promise, or to go into a shame spiral and stay stuck?

Whatever path you choose, you're perfect where you are right now.

Because you're here reading this article… you are on the right road I can promise you.

To be a human is to falter, and to be a conscious and evolved human is to learn the wisdom to falter less.

Yet, the wisdom that we are searching for cannot be fast-tracked; it can only be gained and integrated by life experience.

My clients and students across the world have all sought out this wisdom (me too) and when they arrive at my doorstep, I take them for a very special and unique curiosity-driven process that I'll outline for you now…

The intention with this writing is to spark curiosity in your heart about how you can keep your promises to yourself.

Ultimately, to feel whole and to love yourself through the art and science of emotional inventory.

Are Mistakes Really, Mistakes?

When I work with people, I walk them through many different emotional inventories.

As an example:

You’ve made a mistake, and that’s fine.

Is it actually a mistake?

Or is it just a lesson?

Is it just something that took you off your path for a brief moment to give you the contrast of feeling whatever result(s) that you don’t like?

If you’re in a crappy spot, and you don’t like how you feel or you don’t like something, can we take a slower and more loving inventory of what’s truly going on?

Is that ok with you?

Why do you feel that you have broken a promise to yourself, without judgment, and why do you think this occurred?

Can you allow yourself to feel the pain of this event fully and in your body?

After a deep breath, can you see this event of pain as a gift?

Can you see the event as something that’s directing you back to what you can learn, so ultimately you will be happy?

The Barometer of Success

I think that the real barometer of success on the journey to keeping promise(s) to self is answered by the question:

Am I experiencing a life that is giving me joy and when I am not, can I trust that I'm learning how?

That is the big one.

Another question is: Are there certain parts of my life that I trust I’m in the process of changing?

So If someone’s in a place where they’re really stuck, and they feel the internal narrative that sounds like:

“Damn, I’m depressed, I’m sad, I’m overweight!”

…or whatever it is… it is important to allow yourself to feel it and recognize that you are NOT a feeling, you're simply the human experiencing it.

This is where having a trusted breathwork integration practice becomes life-changing.

Allowing your feelings to be fully felt is the opposite of what is barked by mainstream media, Instagram, advertising, and unfortunately the majority of modern day society.

And that's putting it very lightly as what is going on right now with Metaverse is so atrocious that it makes Wall Street bankers look like angels.

The Gift In Feeling What You Feel

Most people say:

“Oh… go out for a walk, you know, change your state right away.”

I’m a YES to changing your state….

But only change your state when you’ve gotten the gift of your discomfort.

You must get the gift of your discomfort before you change your state.

Bottom line, if you want to keep your promises to yourself then you must choose to sit in the discomfort of when you break them, so you may learn the lesson Great Spirit is giving you.

What we’re essentially looking for to live well is longer cycles of recommitment.

You could say shorter, to define the length of the time it takes for you to recommit…

Or you could say longer… to measure the length of time before you ever have to re-commit again.

However you like to understand this principle, think of it simplistically as the number of times that you choose to recommit to a promise that was broken.

The Long (or Short) Cycles of Recommitment

Well-being is fueled by a continuous recommitment to your self love/care practices.

You must practice your practices of M/P/E/S/F health, over and over again so that the cycles of recommitment get longer and longer.

Again, you can think of a cycle of recommitment as the amount of time that you keep promises to yourself:

When you break a promise, you restart a cycle of recommitment.

Over time, as self love/care come more powerfully online, you may only have 10-20 or less cycles per year…

You can choose to apply the model of a recommitment cycle, without judgment, to everything but not limited to:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Financial intelligence

The number of cycles per year indicates the number of broken promises and the recommitment starts over again.

But, this is the key, without judgment.

Because when you judge yourself at the start of a cycle, the cycle is most likely doomed for a very short lifespan.

Living The Cycles of Recommitment

Above all else when it comes to a recommitment to self, to loving self, to taking care of self, and holding self when times call for this healing and wholeness… be sure to ask yourself the most powerful (3) questions you ever could, and that is:

  1. I'm curious why this is happening?
  2. I'm curious what I can learn about the results that are here now?
  3. Can I reach deep inside and have the courage to pursue this curiosity without a judgment of myself?

There is love in those questions, there is peace in those questions, and there is a chaos seeking order.

The emotional inventory and cycles of recommitment are your friend and trusted ally on the path of spiritual/emotional growth.

Trust that as you live with courage…

You are supported, you are loved, and you are on the right path.

Wishing you wellness wisdom,




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