Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord

Crossing The Road To Better Health – Dr. Dan Lord

“The Fee-for-Service medical system is far from what's best for the patient.” – Dr. Dan Lord

Today we are standing tall at RockTapes's “Rock Stock 2017” with Dr. Dan Lord, Physical Medicine Program Manager at Crossover Health, as he explains how we can reinvent health care to reduce costs, improve physical and mental well-being, and introduce a truly engaging and preventive approach to medicine.

Crossover Health Medical Group is a doctor-led team of caregivers helping to prevent and treat illness by focusing on the proven components of great health. They have built a “Continuum of Care” that takes patients through an integrated wellness routine and provides the tools, education, and strategies to make their health goals a reality.

They are using innovative technologies to connect with patients outside the 4 walls of the clinic and also provide behavioral coaching to empower people to take control of their own health destiny. With a heavy focus on integrative wellness and patient results, Crossover Health is creating the change and proactive approach needed in today's broken medical system.

Links From Today's Show:

Listen To Episode 141 as Dr. Dan Lord Uncovers:

  • How to create a business model that provides the all-inclusive, movement-based, functional treatments that our health care system is missing.
  • Why doctor visits need to last 1 hour for proper assessment and treatment
  • How to reduce the use of pain medications with movement based therapies
  • Why the current medical billing system does not support the patient's best interests
  • How Dan is combining different aspects of care to create a holistic wellness plan
  • The benefits of teaching patients the basics of ergonomics, breathing techniques, and how to take proper movement breaks
  • The overall health and functional benefits received from a strength and conditioning routine
  • Crossover Health's educational programs that show patients how to take control of their own health
  • Their back-health programs centered around alignment, breathing, and ergonomic setups
  • How Intelliskin is improving posture and breathing for people at their workstations
  • Crossover Health's special classes to support women before, during, and after pregnancy
  • The technology we can use to support patients outside the 4 walls of the clinic
  • Why Crossover Health is prescribing Intelliskin to patients and Silicon Valley professionals
  • Understanding proprioception and how we can begin to move more consciously
  • How Crossover Health is helping us move from a reactive to a proactive model of health care
  • The lifestyle factors we can adjust to prevent much of today's chronic disease

Power Quotes From The Show

“We aim to create a business model that provides the movement based, functional treatment everyone is in need of.” – Dr. Dan Lord

“In order for proper assessment and treatment, we need more time with our patients.”– Dr. Dan Lord

“The Fee-for-Service system is far from what's best for the patient.” – Dr. Dan Lord 

“The education we provide around strength training prevents many patient visits in the future.” – Dr. Dan Lord 

“Patient results should be the North Star of our health care system.” – Dr. Dan Lord

“We are preventing injuries by transforming how people perform their functional activities.” – Dr. Dan Lord

The Crossover Health Experience

Crossover Health

Crossover Health Medical Group
 is a new type of medical group based and licensed in multiple states, with a client list of leading innovative companies that share our vision of the power of a healthy, motivated workforce. Our Practices are located in Silicon Valley as well as in other locations throughout the United States. The benefits of next-generation care already being proven at some of the most innovative companies in the world taking on the cost, quality, and experience of healthcare.

Click To Visit Crossover Health

What to Expect at Crossover Health

About Dr. Dan Lord

Daniel is the Physical Medicine Sr Program Manager at Crossover Health. A next generation health care organization that uses a membership based approach to fundamentally change the way health care is practiced, delivered, and experienced. Crossover is designed to restore and enhance the patient provider relationship, reduce the cost of health care, increase access and convenience, and deliver an unprecedented patient experience.

Previously with Crossover, He has practiced on-site at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA from 2012-2017. As a member of the clinic's leadership team, He helped develop their physical medicine program which includes physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture services.

From 2011-2013 he provided sports chiropractic care for Oracle Racing Team USA which successfully defended the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco. During their campaign he led Oracle’s sports-medicine program.


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