Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura – Petteri Lahtela

Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura – Petteri Lahtela

“The body is unique and so its response to different lifestyles depends on the individual. There's no guide that lets us know which path to take or what will happen when we make a decision. The Oura ring helps us reflect and become more self-aware.” – Petteri Lahtela

Your mind and body do not react the same to physical activity and mental strain as everyone else. So, why should rest be any different?

Even the smallest choices you make when it comes to nutrition and fitness can affect your sleep and recovery for days to come.

In Wellness + Wisdom 160, CEO and Co-Founder of ŌURA, Petteri Lahtela, shares why wearable technology like the Oura ring can help you learn what your body needs to recover and unleash its full potential every day. As you listen, you will also learn why your unique chronotype and circadian rhythm alignment helps you experience your best night's sleep, become more alert, balance hormones, and make your memory stronger.

Get ready to take your wellness to the next level with technology that understands your lifestyle and what's important to you.


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The new Oura ring is all about you: it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. That’s why it’s loved by devoted users in over 50 countries.

The Oura ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance based on data from over a million nights and days.

The Oura ring keeps track of your:

  • Sleep stages
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Body temperature

“The world needs a better appreciation of sleep and especially an understanding of the restorative properties of sleep. An imbalance of sleep has such a huge effect on chronic disease.” – Petteri Lahtela

Listen To Episode 160 As Petteri Lahtela Uncovers:

  • Why he created the Oura ring and his personal mission to understand chronic disease through tracking our habits.
  • The science behind molecular mechanism and circadian cycle levels.
  • The power of self-reflection and understanding how your daily choices affect your life.
  • How you can become more self-aware when it comes to decision making.
  • The purpose behind the Oura ring serving your individual wellness journey.
  • Chronic disease: why it happens and what you can do to prevent it.
  • What has changed the most with biohacking as far as data and quantification.
  • The importance of sleep in recovery and how even the small choices you make can affect your sleep and recovery for at least several days.
  • How the Oura ring helps improve sleep and restoration.
  • Why you want to have a lower heart rate in the middle of your sleep cycle for the best recharge.
  • Your optimal time to go to bed according to your chronotype and circadian rhythm.
  • What chronotyping is and how to discover your chronotype: lion, dolphin, bear, and wolf.
  • How your chronotype can help you decide when to work out each day.
  • The myth that you have to go to bed at the exact same time as everyone else.
  • The new Generation 2 Oura ring including its benefits and how it's different than the Generation 1 Oura ring.
  • How the Oura ring has been designed to not include EMF and be safer for the user to wear every day.
  • The design of the Oura ring and how it's been created to collect an optimal amount of data.
  • Why skin temperature is a key factor to quantification and biohacking.
  • How the Oura ring can help prompt you to make life changes.
  • What Stanford University discovered through their research and study on the Oura ring

Power Quotes From The Show

“Our chronotype and circadian rhythm go hand-in-hand. It's all about sleep, daytime alertness, memory, learning, and especially hormone balance. The more you appreciate the importance of sleep, the better you can perform.” – Petteri Lahtela

“The Generation 2 Oura ring is now by far the most advanced variable in the world as far as the amount of meaningful insights it can provide to the user. It will help the user reflect on their health and become more self-aware of what choices are good for them.” – Petteri Lahtela

“The Oura ring has helped people to understand that sometimes less is more. Athletes know that they really need to focus on resting. Therefore, the winner of a competition won't necessarily be the one who works the hardest or spends the most time training. The one who recovers faster and is the best at it is the winner.” – Petteri Lahtela

“The Oura ring and app gives you a daily activity target based on how you recovered while sleeping the night before. It doesn't push you to walk 10,000 steps every day. Instead, it gives you a target based on how your body is responding to the previous day's physical and mental strain.” – Petteri Lahtela

“This technology is especially beneficial for people who live busy lives. It's a relief to understand your own body in the context of your schedule. It allows you to know your body's individual capacity and what it needs to properly recover from a lot of work or stress.” – Petteri Lahtela

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The Story Behind the New Oura Ring

About Petteri Lahtela

Petteri Lahtela is a CEO and Co-Founder of ŌURA. He is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in creating market leading high-tech products as well as building international businesses.
ŌURA brings together Petteri’s passion on real human well-being, physiology and creating products that people love. ŌURA, the world’s first wellness ring, combines style with ultimate wearing comfort and latest high-end technology with three decades of pioneering research.



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