Can Organic Food Save Your Life ?

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Can Organic Food Save Your Life ?

Josh Trent & Sean Croxton hit the SDSU campus at the San Diego Food Justice Conference 2010 in search of answers to the rising epidemic of obesity and sickness in America and the world.

The corporate agribusiness would love to have you believe that they are “feeding the world” with GMO’S, pesticides and petrol chemicals, but at what cost? There has already been numerous studies linking cancer and lipid elevation towards processed and modified foods.

Can organic food save your life?

Why I love the SDRSFP!

San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project
is a growing network of citizens, farmers, chefs, gardeners, teachers, and students working to encourage the growth and consumption of regional food. From farm to fork, we focus awareness and work toward a more ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just food system in San Diego.

By eating locally, not only do you get fresher, better-tasting food, but you also help support family farms and encourage a vibrant local economy. Please explore the bountiful agricultural and gardening opportunities in San Diego, learn how to become an informed participant in our local food system, and help us encourage others to do the same.

Within the San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project is another farm, the Wild Willow:

Wild Willow Farm is where we teach people essential sustainable farming skills, host homesteading and gardening workshops, hold community events, and train the next generation of sustainable farmers for our region. The farm is located on the banks of the beautiful and wild Tijuana River Nature Preserve (USA), two miles from the coast, about 15-minutes from downtown San Diego.

Serving the San Diego Community: From their website, theSan Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project is quoted as saying:

“2014 was a transformative year at Wild Willow Farm and Education Center. First and foremost, after four-and-a-half years as subtenants of Suzie’s Farm, we were able to get our own five-year lease from the County of San Diego, enabling us to continue growing farmers and food at our scenic little educational farm in the Tijuana River Park.

Having a place to do this work is important of course, for the work is what this is all about. The community that makes up Wild Willow Farm is inspired to continue interacting with, learning from and teaching amazing and intelligent people how to grow and eat food sustainably where we live, and transform the agricultural conversation in our region. We have a lot to report on, and many to thank.

Learn more at the San Diego Roots Sustainable Food site now.


Can Organic Food Save Your Life ?

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