Can Akashic Records UNLOCK Your Higher Self?

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Unlock Your Higher Self

You know me my friend. I have both feet here planted on Earth and I also have my head in the clouds.

I think that's a fun way to live oh, do you agree?

That's why this episode has so much meaning for me. This week we're not only exploring Dharma and Akashic Records, we're also exploring the emotional intelligence it takes to use your own intuition to know what information and guidance is best for you.

My guest today is Laura Coe. She sold her company in 2006 and came back to her philosophical roots to write a book called Emotional Obesity. She also hosts a popular podcast that I've been a guest on: The Art of Authenticity.

Finding Your Authentic Voice

When Laura came across the Akashic Records, a way to systematically deepen the connection to your authentic voice, she found that the wisdom of the records change the trajectory of her work. She used it to author the Nature Series and found The Little Soul School. Her writings have been featured in Huffington Post, Forbes Thought Catalog the New York Observer and so many more.

Akashic Record Readings with Laura Coe

Laura Coe had her own death and rebirth process, which as you know we went through one of our own this year.  Recently we moved on from Wellness Force to Wellness Wisdom.

In this rebirth process, Laura explored some truly profound topics like the truth behind akashic records, her experience as a spiritual guide, and her insights about the role we are playing here in the universe.

As you listen to the podcast with Laura Coe you will learn:

  • How to unlock yourself further in this 3D World
  • The concept of soul splitting and healing a loss of well-being
  • Meaning behind soul contract, free will, karma, and dharma
  • The difference between twin flames and soulmates

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