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Master Your Wellness Pentagon: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual + Financial

Josh Trent – Featured EP 100 Get In The Lab Podcast In Josh’s words: “false evidence appearing real” essential we psyche ourselves

Josh Trent @WellnessForce – Listed In Top 50 Digital Health Influencers: Digital Health Landscape 2015 WHAT ARE THE EXPERTS SAYING? At Onalytica we

Wearables For Women: Fitness Technology Vs. Real Life Powering down a 24oz Starbucks at 530am to start a 14 hour day, Janet McDonnelson is

If you're one of the 19 million people who track steps, heart-rate or nutrition with a wearable fitness device, you've built up

On the verge of bubbling over at the intersection of health, wellness, and fitness technology, companies are now hard at work brewing

How much is your fitness data really worth? Do your steps, workouts, and sleep have real value? For many wearable technology and

As anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows, the most difficult part of the process is sustaining long term will-power and

The beginning of any new journey is always the most unsure. When it comes to losing body fat, anyone seeking trustworthy tools

Brick & mortar fitness clubs, gyms, studios and health spas are about to go through a massive wardrobe change. With wearable technology


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