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Master Your Wellness Pentagon: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual + Financial

Original Content Via PaleoHacks Website  We often associate technology with distraction, but digital health coach Josh Trent has harnessed the latest technologies in

Weighing In On Whey There are many forms of protein supplementation. We are often bombarded with aisles of foods that have added protein

Josh Trent, Host of Wellness + Wisdom, Featured On Podcast Pop: How To Get On iTunes New & Noteworthy     “The

Years of environmental toxins, internal/external stressors and sun damage can really take its toll on our faces. Besides professional products and treatment,

How To Use “Ninja Training” To Join Hugh Jackman In The 1000 Pound Club On, July 20, 2015, I joined Hugh Jackman, AKA

Had a blast interviewing with Nicole Keating on The Art of Epic Wellness Podcast! During this interview Nicole and I talk about

In this interview, Josh discusses the importance of posture and female pulling strength with a theme of “Pulling into confidence.” Discover how pulling

I’d become caught up in the hype. During a recent trip to the Apple store in San Diego, I found myself prancing into the

Being a professional chef certainly has it perks – I’m constantly surrounded by delicious food and when I go out to eat


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