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If you spent 2014 dismissing mindfulness as just some new age fad, you’re missing out on the discovery of a centuries-old practice that


This past week, Mark Divine hosted the 2nd annual Unbeatable Mind Retreat in Encinitas, CA from December 2nd-6th at La Costa Resort & SEALFIT headquarters. Among the


Can digital health prove to be a panacea for modern mindlessness? In this article, we'll illuminate the distinction of accelerating digital health


A 5K is 3.1 miles; you got this! Don’t be scared by the distance, as this is the perfect run for beginners.


Looking for a leg up on how to stay fit and healthy this holiday season? Digital health may be your new best


Do companies need quantified self? This was the same technology question people surely asked about cellular telephones after the first was launched


The benefits of yoga practice range from losing fat to touching your toes, but how exactly does doing down dog make you


In 2014, Quest bar sales have skyrocketed due to smart marketing, social proofing, and millions of photos online depicting delicious desserts as


The running gods blessed me last month. On a hot summer day, I found myself mixed in a crowd of over 3,000


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