Biohacking Your Age: Fast Path To Healing Through Human Performance

Dave Asprey is a New York Times best-selling author, a father of two children, and he has also been called ‘the father of biohacking' by many experts in the wellness world.

Today, Dave returns for his third time on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast as we welcome him to the studio here in Austin, in person for the first time, to talk about advanced biohacking for body, mind, and spirit, and how to train a healthy brain, boost your flow state and remove false beliefs.

War On Consciousness

Dave's a really interesting character, and when I say character, I mean he's like a movie character – a movie that we all call life.

I've hung out with Dave multiple times and even shared a stage with him, but this was the first time we've sat across a thick Costa Rican arrow table.

We opened up our hearts to not only what is going on in our world right now, which Dave and I both agree is a war on consciousness and a war on mental health, but also to Dave's private life.

Biohacking: The Fast Path To Healing

Dave shares vulnerably about his recent divorce and move to Austin, why he never focuses on wellness, and why he believes that human performance is the fast path to our healing and our health.

A lot of what Dave says on the podcast I personally don't agree with but I love the way he says it, and when you listen to the end of the show, you'll be able to understand exactly what that means.

Treat Yourself With Love

We had a lot of new members joined the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast recently, and wherever you're from – from my heart to yours – I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being here!

It is because we have such a dedicated audience and people that care about their well-being, people that want to make a dent and a difference in this world, that this podcast has existed since 2015.

By the end of the show, you will (guaranteed 100%) walk away with more wisdom and more wellness. That is my promise to you. You're in for a real treat!

This is Dave Asprey like I have not necessarily seen him before, and I think if you heard other interviews with Dave, this will be a real treat to your mind and heart.

And speaking of treats, I look at treating myself once a day, now you're probably thinking: Wait, what? What do you mean by treating yourself once a day? Isn't that unhealthy?

Well, when I say ‘treat', I mean I treat myself with love and I treat myself with care. I don't mean that I power down a chocolate bagel every day.

On Biohacking Your Brain + Body With Dave Asprey

In this podcast you'll learn:

  • Why Dave never focuses on wellness but human performance
  • How to achieve a fast path to healing
  • How to correctly use plant medicine & psychedelics to heal trauma
  • Biohacking tools to experience a higher flow state
  • How to shift your mind to deprogram both false and victimhood beliefs
  • About the Wellness Pentagon: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Mental, and Financial

DIY Biohacking With Nutritious Snacks From Paleovalley

For all of us, we deserve love – to give it and to receive it. And the best way to do that is to start with the base of our Wellness Pentagon, which in the physical are water, sleep, food, and macro and micronutrients.

You've probably heard out there that eating fermented foods is healthy for you, but what if I told you that fermented beef with sea salt and zero antibiotics can actually, as the data suggests, improve the function of the gut-brain axis through the microbiota in your digestive system?

And what if I also told you that it comes from organically raised and pastured animals? You'd probably be like cool, sign me up!

This is exactly how I felt 3 years ago when I found Paleovalley. This is why I've been munching on their beef and turkey sticks for the past three years, and I think that once you try them, you'll probably eat them for the next 3 years as well.

You can save 15% off by heading over to and using the code ‘Josh' to save 15% off. Not just on the beef sticks but on everything on the entire website which is an amazing deal!

I freaking love this company. Their products are the best. This is why we've been partnering with them for so long because their products work and I love them.

Share the discount with your friends or somebody who you think needs a good smile today because when you're satiated and you're not hungry, you are happy – and happiness is contagious.

Now let's tune in with Dave.


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