Ben Greenfield: What Are The Real DANGERS of Plant Medicine? The Truth About Spiritual Awakenings

Ben Greenfield is a New York Times bestselling author of 17 books and as a health consultant, speaker, and former Collegiate water polo, tennis and volleyball player, he also has achieved 13 Ironman triathlons and obstacle course race finishes.

Ben has been voted by Greatest as one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

But beyond these athletic accolades, Ben is a deeply spiritual man who uses a connection to God to achieve what many could only dream of.

I've been bouncing around inside of Ben’s orbit and consciousness for 10 plus years now…

And in true divine timing it took something both polarizing and controversial to bring Ben and I together for this Wellness + Wisdom episode number 462.

Today, Ben and I are asking a profoundly important question for anyone on a spiritual or faith-based path and that is:

Should You STOP Using Plant Medicines?

What Are The Real DANGERS of Plant Medicine?

We’re dropping in about: Wisdom on Microdosing, The Muscle of Faith + How to Grow Your Spiritual Strength.

This is the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, and I am Josh Trent.

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Now listen, I am not “Anti” nor “Pro” plant medicine.

I do believe that these medicines have special use cases but the key is they are special and not to be abused.

There are 4 lifesaving levers to pull when it comes to plant medicine.

And, because I know this podcast will upset many people who claim that plant medicine is a panacea, it’s even more important that this must be said:

  1. Set: Was the medicine prepared in a sacred way? Does the shaman or facilitator have the sacred experience from a trusted lineage combined with a pure heart? Not just in what they say, but in what wisdom they have embodied. This is extremely important.
  2. Setting: Has the space been properly cleared of dark energies and are all participants aligned with humility and curiosity? In other words, are there any participants who have not been properly screened that could bring dark energy to the space.
  3. Intention: Has the participant done preliminary work to get very clear on their intention? And most importantly to not come to the medicine with a disempowered wish, as words are spells, and Medicine hears spells.
  4. Integration: Is there a pre, peri and post integration skilled facilitator to hold in safety for the ego dissolving that will take place for the participant? This is by far so so so important because too many people skip this very important step.

Ben Greenfield's Views on Plant Medicine

I was able to spend some very intimate time with Ben, his wife and two boys at RUNGA this year.

And I have to say out of every person I've met in wellness and health, my experience of Ben is a clear mirror of actions and words in integrity.

In other words, he walks his talk at the highest level of anyone I've ever interviewed with over 500 interviews on this podcast.

This episode is close to my heart because if you've been following me for a few years or more…

Then you know I've had a dozen Ayahuasca Journeys, mushrooms and numerous other plant medicines for journey and microdosing approaches using these entheogenic compounds: otherwise known as “plant medicines.“

With all of the content we've put out about my trips. All the time spent down to the jungle and the A-Z of Psychedelics, it was time. I felt a deep calling to interview Ben about the deeply controversial change that he recently made public.

Just a couple of weeks ago Ben shared with the world a 2 part podcast series. He called it, “Why I am no longer going to be using plant medicines.”

Obviously this caught my attention because of what I've shared in the podcast about entities and dark energy that you open yourself up to when you sit with these medicines in the wrong containers.

Ben Greenfield: The Truth About Spiritual Awakenings

In this podcast you will walk away with a deep intelligence around:

  • The clarification of exactly what plant medicines are for human beings.
  • How plant medicines connect us with spiritual dimensions and consciousness.
  • The moral obligation that Ben felt to be deeply honest in the public spotlight about plant medicines.
  • Why he is walking away from these plant medicines, and maybe why you should too?
  • The big warnings about plant medicines from God, from higher power whether you are religious or not.
  • Why there's no shortcut to climb your own mountain of spirituality.
  • The Dark + Light Side of Plant Medicine: The wolf in sheep's clothing and why the devil hides in the church.
  • Ben's top 3 key pieces of Soul wisdom.
  • Why the Pixar movie, Soul, connected Ben and myself in a very powerful way.
  • And the three biggest rocks for spiritual connection.

So if you are a man or woman who is seeking deeper peace through spirituality…

And if you're here now, then I know you are…

This podcast will absolutely blow you away and it is going to be such a gift for your heart, mind and soul to experience.

Ben is one of the best podcasters and health and wellness influencers in the world. It is my honor to present to you this conversation with the one and only Ben Greenfield.

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