How To Avoid Meal Prep Burnout With Allison Schaaf

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How To Avoid Meal Prep Burnout With Allison Schaaf

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How To Avoid Meal Prep Burnout With Allison Schaaf

With the first week of a new year under our belts, for many on the quest in better nutrition, broccoli is getting boring.

What are the ways we can avoid meal prep burnout in a fast-paced and instant gratification world? Can sitting down to eat with others be the missing piece to healing?

The topic of meal planning is perfect timing with what I think everyone is taking a deeper look at right now as we move into the new year, and that is food:

How we make it, what it makes us feel, and what is our relationship with it.

Preparing To Win In The Kitchen

Today, on the fourth installment of your six-part series in January, “Wellness In The New Year,” we're showcasing the power of meal preparation towards our personal wellness with Registered Dietician, Founder Of, and passionate chef, Allison Schaaf.

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During her 4 years learning about culinary nutrition at Johnson & Wales University, Allison had the opportunity to work at two amazing, world-renowned health spas: Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires and Champneys in Tring England.

Hungry for more, Allison expanded her nutrition knowledge at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition in Boston, earning a masters in Nutrition Communications and becoming a Registered Dietitian. She then spent time traveling the world promoting almonds through her work at the Almond Board of California.

Currently living in Austin, TX and operating a thriving personal chef company, Prep Dish Personal Chef, she has the opportunity to cook for families & celebrity clients in their home, bringing healthy, delicious foods to their tables, every week.

Most of all, she feels blessed for the opportunity to thoughtfully plan weekly menus so you, the home cook, can enjoy a healthier lifestyle that’s every bit delicious.

Meal Prep Success

Allison believes healthy eating can be easy and enjoyable when we prep our meals and set up our week for success.

She created Prep Dish with four clear goals in mind:

1. Save you time & decrease stress.

2. Ensure healthy & gluten-free tastes delicious.

3. Bring back family dinners.

4. Create happier, healthier people! 

Eating Healthy On The Go

In This Show, Allison Uncovers:

  • Action steps & tips to creating healthy food on the go
  • How to travel and still eat well
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Elimination dieting
  • Gluten-free or paleo?

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How To Avoid Meal Prep Burnout With Allison Schaaf

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