How to Manage Your Injuries After a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be a traumatic experience, and dealing with the aftermath is equally overwhelming. It is important to remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to recovery, and jumping hastily back to your normal routine can only worsen your health situation. However, there are various ways you can do […]

Uncovering the Benefits of Health and Wellness Practices for Old Age

The health and wellness sector has become a billion-dollar industry over the past several years. This is largely due to more and more people becoming aware that nurturing a state of well-being is a fundamental part of living and aging well. As more people reach old age, this is vital. Though the health and wellness […]

The Dangers Of Medical Dogma

Can we free ourselves from medical dogma? Has a medical professional misdiagnosed you or someone you know? If you know someone who has gone through any kind of malpractice, misdiagnosis. You are going to want to listen to episode 408 until the very end. Dr. Michael Ruscio is back for the fifth time to talk […]

5 Realistic Ways To Achieve Your 2021 Body Goals

The New Year is a great way to plan and set big, fitness goals. However, as the months roll by, it can be challenging to stick to your scheme and even with your routine. Added with the lockdowns and closing of gyms, it can seem to get discouraged to flake off from your plan. Gladly, […]

Sleeping Routines That Are Perfect For You And Your Partner

Sharing a bed with your partner can make you feel a lot closer, but you might find yourself struggling with sleep, especially if you have different sleep routines. If you and your partner often find yourselves struggling to sleep at night, you should know that you are not alone. Many couples complain that their inability […]

The New Masculine

What does the new masculine look like? Let’s have a conversation on the energy that men, and women, need to practice the art of masculinity.  Whether it’s heterosexual, homosexual, the masculine and feminine energies exist in us all. We must learn to respect the similarities and differences between them. GET THE FULL SHOW NOTES & […]

Benefits of Massage Gun Therapy

In recent years, massage guns have taken the world by storm. Every year, more and more new massage guns hit the market for consumer and professional use – and there’s a great reason why. Massage guns have been found to have multiple powerful benefits for both athletes and non-athletes alike.  From professional athletes to those […]

Why Are Healthcare Data Breaches Becoming More Common?

The pandemic brought to light the data protection issues in many industries, but particularly the healthcare industry. So, why are they becoming more common? The number of Medicare and NHS data breaches is already high enough. That said, with track and trace, alongside the potential for COVID passports coming onto the scene, concerns are running […]

Not Happy with Your GP’s Diagnosis? Here’s How to Get it Right…

There’s nothing more frustrating than being given a diagnosis you don’t agree with. Here are some tips to appease your worries… Most of the time, the doctor’s diagnosis is correct because, let’s face it, they tend to know more about medicine than their patients do. However, absence of information and lazy diagnoses can lead to […]

8 Top Tips for Getting in Shape After Your Divorce

Wanting to get that post-divorce revenge body? Here are some actionable tips for just that… Studies show that there is such thing as relationship weight – a settled couple are much more likely to put on weight than single people are. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, and everyone is beautiful with or […]

10 Best Foods to Help Your Body Recover After an Infection

Wondering how you might be able to speed up your recovery after an infection? Here are 10 foods that might help… Infections can prove to be extremely harmful to the body. In fact, it’s thought that severe cases can even have long-term effects on a person’s cognitive and functional development. Whether it be from hospital […]

10 Sporting Activities to Enjoy with Your Child

Doing sports actitvities with your child is a great way to bond with them and stay healthy, but what types of sports can you get involved in? Here are some ideas… Whether your child is disabled, has suffered from child brain injuries, is able-bodied, or anything in between, quality time with your kids is very […]

Stop Praying To The “Growth God”

Learn how to set yourself free when you stop praying to the “growth god.” Today we are going to be talking about pain. An inevitable experience that we have as human beings here on this planet. GET THE FULL SHOW NOTES & FREE RESOURCES Ancient Masters have told us for Millennia that pain is inevitable. […]

Ancestral Lessons

What ancestral lessons are waiting for you? I want to share the story of my personal Vision Quest. This is the ultimate saga of my Vision Quest with the one and only leader of Purpose Mountain. We are going to discuss the right of passage that has been stripped from both men and women. GET […]

Balance Your Body: Rev up Your Metabolism for Healthy Weight

Countless people across the planet are struggling to keep their weight within a healthy range. It can be very difficult to achieve, especially considering many people have lifestyles that encourage bad habits like eating junk food. However, there are some steps we can take that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle relatively easily. When […]

The Role of the Cannabinoid System in Pain Control

CBD or cannabinoid is herbal medicine, meaning it is a therapeutic remedy derived from a plant. In this instance, the Cannabis Sativa plant. Sativa has been utilized for medicinal effects for decades. Cannabis Sativa comes in two varieties: hemp and marijuana. CBD, which is utilized in the majority of goods, is derived from the hemp […]

Holodynamic Energy: Heal Yourself

Heal with holodynamic energy.  Most people don’t even know what love is because the truth is we have all been taught some warped version of love. Love that always comes with conditions. After what we have been through as a global community. It’s at the top of most of our hearts and minds. A […]

What is Strength Training and What Does it Do to Your Body

Strength training, a technique that’s quickly gaining popularity in fitness circles and gyms. In case you’re unsure of what this term exactly refers to, here’s a quick explanation of its main tenets. Strength training (also commonly referred to as weight training and resistance training) refers to the practice of making the body stronger by focusing […]

Sodium Truths & Myths

 How much salt is good for me and my brain?  Salt is a confusing topic when it comes to health. There is so much conflicting information out there. GET THE FULL PODCAST & FREE RESOURCES Beat Brain Fog All the incessant distractions that constantly attack us. Cell phones, calendars, little beeping devices everywhere…it seems […]

How to Boost Up Your Physical Energy In Natural Ways

Do you feel tired and exhausted? You are not alone. Many people seek ways to boost their physical energy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 10.1% of men and 15.3% of women regularly feel tired and exhausted in the US. If tiredness was not enough, the truth is that it […]

Overcoming Limb Injuries: 7 Tips For Faster Recovery

A limb injury is a crack or a break of one bone in your arm or leg. Some causes of such an injury include vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and falls. If the injury is minor, there are home remedies that can help, like icing. However, if the injury declares one immobile, the doctor’s attention is […]

4 Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature Ejaculation (PE)… aka the confidence wrecker! Premature ejaculation treatment is common as men age. All men shudder after hearing these two phrases. And they have every right to feel that way. Many seek premature ejaculation treatments. Can you imagine having your performance ruined by your own body? That once pleasurable experience has turned into […]

Why I started adding CBD MCT Oil to my morning coffee!

You’ve probably heard of CBD. CBD is a compound from the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive and has been researched for its effects on inflammation, pain, anxiety, sleep, gut health, muscle recovery, and more! Human beings have evolved with cannabis over thousands of years and one of the reasons CBD gets so much attention is […]

Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

Today’s podcast sparks a big question for us. How do we generate more energy naturally? Without stimulants. Without feeling jitters from coffee.  How can we do this sustainably? If you find yourself on the roller coaster of the 3rd cup of coffee? You’re feeling overstimulated. Looking for a better way to generate energy from the […]

6 Healthy Habits That Also Fight Addiction

Addictions are extremely difficult to treat. Whether it’s an addiction to a substance (now more properly called a substance use disorder) or to activities like gambling or social media use, all these habits have the potential to seriously affect one’s quality of life. By their very nature, addictions cause strong compulsive behavior that causes affected individuals […]

What Is Wellness? The Truth Will Set You Free

WHAT IS WELLNESS? Friend, I’m excited to share this quick video from the Wellness Force podcast that asks a profound and timeless question… What Is Wellness? A profound question answered by nine of the most powerful and insightful wellness speakers on planet earth. Yet I’m curious for you today after watching the video: how do you personally […]

Get Better Fitness Routine Results by Following Eight Simple Steps

If you are looking to get better results from your fitness routine, there are various things you can do to enhance your performance. Get started by following these eight helpful and simple steps.   1. Choose a Workout Routine You Enjoy   If you choose exercises, activities, and workout routines just because everyone else is […]

8 Reasons You Should Be Taking a Multivitamin

For your body to run efficiently, you need to have the right amount of minerals and vitamins. A healthy diet is always recommended for optimum health, but it’s not always easy to eat the right foods to avoid vitamin deficiencies. A proper diet may help keep you in good shape, but you may miss out […]

Top 10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Your Mood

Are you trying to find a way to improve your mood? If that is the case, then you are one of the thousands of people out there who are facing a similar problem. Due to the fact that having issues with things like work-life balance and loneliness have both become pretty commonplace, feeling sad and […]

What Makes Asthma and Allergies Different?

Living with a chronic illness is not easy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 6 in 10 American adults have a chronic disease. Moreover, 4 in 10 of these adults suffer from two or more. Some of the most common chronic conditions today are allergy and asthma. Various professionals have linked […]

Is Past Life Regression Therapy Right For You?

Whatever your opinion on reincarnation is, a number of religious sects—from Buddhism, to Hinduism, and Sikhism—and ancient cultures believe that even when humans die, their souls will continue to exist. Such is the basis for past life regression (PLR) therapy, which allows you to unearth your past and understand where you are in your current […]

6 Ways To Cope With Grief And Loss

When you lose someone dear to you, one of the most natural responses is to go through that grieving stage. You mourn the loss of their life, and how they’ll no longer be a part of your life forever. You mourn the memories you made, and how these are now just left as fragments of […]

Why Therapy Is Essential In Treating Addiction

Drug and alcohol misuse can be difficult to escape for many individuals. Different psychological and physical factors often influence people who fall prey to such habits in their lives. In many cases, dependence on drugs, alcohol, or other substances is considered an easier way to cope with a bad environment or experience. Those who want […]

Top 10 Things That You Can Do to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you feel stressed out and anxious? If your answer to that question is yes, do not worry. You are not the only person who is feeling that way and we can help you relieve stress. After all, many people live very busy lives and do not really have the time to relax, calm down, […]

Lean Meats For Weight Loss: The Best Animal Protein Sources For Your Diet

To Eat Or Not To Eat? Health authorities sure do like giving meat eaters a hard time. Red meat will kill you, they say. Beware of the saturated fats, they shout. And don’t even get them started on hot dogs, pepperoni, or cold cuts! If you can’t go plant-based no matter how hard you try […]

5 Science-Backed Benefits of NAD+ Supplements

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely weighing the pros and cons of taking a NAD+ supplement to improve some aspect of your health.  NAD+, short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a component naturally found in every single one of our 30 trillion cells. Heart cells, brain cells, muscle cells, blood cells, neurons… all […]

5 Things Your Thinning Hair Is Trying To Tell You About Your Health

Your hair can say a lot about your overall health. Hair thinning is common and can be an indicator of underlying health problems. While shedding around 100 hairs a day is normal, some people may shed much more than this. Which can be considered “hair loss” or “excessive shedding”.  Stopping hair thinning involves finding and […]

Self-Care Tips for the Hearing Impaired

Dealing with being hearing impaired is more than just coping with noisy environments or understanding conversations with other people. For many, it can be a constant struggle that can be incredibly draining. Your ears and brain are working double time trying to absorb all the sounds around you and interpreting them in a way that […]

How to Choose a Substance Treatment Program for Your Teen

Teen substance abuse is at a historic low in the United States. Regardless, it continues to be a very real problem. Dallas Drug Treatment Centers, a directory of substance rehab facilities in the Dallas metro, reports that admission inquiries for teens continued at a steady pace, even with school closures and restricted movement due to COVID. […]

How Apps Are Changing The Way We Manage Our Health

Technology is rapidly evolving with each passing minute, and arguably, we are evolving with it. Having a device that holds almost all the world’s information in their pockets has changed the outlook people have on life drastically. Especially when it comes to our health and habits. We are more aware of the dangers and benefits […]

Taking Care of You and Your Baby While You’re Pregnant: Know What to Expect

While pregnant, women have to take extra steps to ensure they and their growing babies are healthy. Pregnancy puts stress on the human body, so it is important that expecting women pay close attention to the way they feel.  We’re going to look at several things women can do to keep themselves and their babies […]

Here is how to Overcome Depression without Medication

Why does it suddenly seem like everyone is depressed, anxious, and stressed out? If you look around carefully, you will see that a majority of people are crippled by depression. Talk about mental health issues has become more common, and going to therapy means that one seriously cares about their mental and emotional health. Depression […]

Why Women’s Biohacking is Different AND More Important than Men’s Biohacking

Women’s biohacking can in no way be compared to how mean biohack their health. Here’s why. Biohacking Reason 1: Women are Not Small Men Men primarily run on a repeating 24-hr hormone cycle whereas women have a daily hormone cycle AND a monthly hormone cycle layered on top. What this means for our male counterparts […]

5 Superfoods That Can Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Are you struggling to lose weight because there are so many foods to eat you don’t want to hit the gym? If so, did you know that losing weight doesn’t mean killing yourself with those hard exercise routines or starving yourself to death? Instead, what you need is to pick the right food and be […]

Online Therapy & Effective Tips To Help You On Your Journey Of Addiction Recovery

Addiction can be described as a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming certain chemicals and drugs, substances or even an activity despite facts indicating that it causes harm to both the individual and others within his environment. An addict is so hooked on the substance/drug/chemical such that they will keep using it even if […]

7 Practical Tips To Ease Neck Pain

Neck pain or sore neck nowadays is really a common problem that most of us deal with. It normally happens due to our bad posture in the regular tasks that we perform in our daily routine. It can be either due to working on a desk for a long time or sleeping in an irregular […]

The #1 Nutrient to Boost Your Mental Health

According to the Washington Post, the world is on the verge of a mental health crisis. Half of Americans have reported the current world climate is affecting their mental health. And research shows anxiety and depression are on the rise. There’s anxiety about what the future holds, trouble concentrating as you’re suddenly working from home, […]

How to Keep it Together When The World Isn’t

The world is complex and stressful. It can be hard to keep it together sometimes. Every day, there seems to be a new problem, both in society and individually. Just when you think your life is going well, something happens to set it all back. Life can be unpredictable, including your own mental health. However, […]

Boosting Your Energy Without Caffeine

Boosting Your Energy Without Caffeine Coffee is part of most of our everyday routines. Many Americans start the day off with a hot cup of Joe and a plate of fried eggs. This dose of caffeine gives them that extra kick of energy early in the morning that can jumpstart their day. The average American […]

Does Diet Really Matter? Here’s Why Clean Eating Can Boost Your Mental Health

An estimated 450 million people worldwide experience one or more mental health conditions (as reported in 2018 by the World Health Organization). Since the ability to live life well and to foster physical and emotional intelligence lies in having strong mental health, it is necessary to prioritize this aspect of one’s health. Currently, the most […]

Expanding Uphill By Integrating Breathwork

Would you like to up your cycling game? Or perhaps you’re wondering how breathwork tools can be integrated amidst day-to-day challenges no matter what your choice of movement for health and wellness? This may trigger your curiosity to experiment with your own workouts. Last year I shared a personal breakthrough online. It was the first […]

Quit Valentine’s Dread, not Valentine’s Day.

This time of year people are often either anticipating or dreading February 14th, depending on their relationship status. Being able to poke fun of your singleness on Valentine’s day is one way to cope with the lack of a romantic Valentine with whom to share the day (see photo below), but many others have chosen […]

Fasting and The Somatic Mindfulness Process

If you have ever done an extended fast or committed to a long-term intermittent fasting program, you will be familiar with your body complaining about change. Your mind and body love consistency, connection and comfort. Not eating at all, or as often, naturally make your mind, body, and instincts more nervous. No surprise there. I […]

Waking Up With Love

How can you wake up with more love? Sitting down to complete the final edits of my post, I put it aside to create something completely new. This is coming through demanding attention – it’s what’s really firing me up right now. There’s a powerful energy in my belly that’s calling to be heard, and […]

When You Decide You Don’t Need Anyone Else’s Approval But Your Own

Have you ever had that feeling that you’re seeking others’ approvals when the only approval or acceptance that you actually need is your own? Why Seeking Approval Became My Identity I have a confession: I’m am a recovering approval seeker and I sought approval because I was 100% afraid of making the wrong decision, being judged, […]

Micro-Resilience Deep Dive: What the Research Says

Having a tribe is vital for one’s wellness journey and I have found that in the Wellness Force Community. The Wellness Force community is for those who want to live life well by learning more about emotional and physical intelligence. To me, living life well or wellness is unique to everyone. Going Beyond Good Vibes […]

Quitting Shame

Shame. We all have it at one point or another. We feel shame about big mistakes we had tons of control over and also for aspects about us over which we had none. As a quitting evangelist, I spend a lot of time helping people quit their limiting mindsets and stories that are holding them […]

The Screen Between Us

We live in a world of screens and that screen between us filters out our ability to truly “see’ and empathize with each other.   The screen between us is a barrier which creates greater disconnection, prevents us from “going deep,” and makes it appear easier to both let people into our personal space and […]

Reduce Your Cravings – Somatically

What cravings are you holding onto? 2019 feels like a big year for a lot of people. It feels potent for myself as well. In this article. I am going to share some perspective on cravings: what makes them so hard to resolve and what you can do about all of that experientially. We all […]

A Simple Habit to Living Your Life Well

Have you ever thought about how quickly you eat your meal? Or have you ever thought about the fact that the way in which you eat a meal impacts the way you digest and absorb its nutrients? Did you know that digestion actually begins in the brain? And that the sight, sound, and smell of […]

Shattering The Happiness Illusion

Women of the 21st century are in a crisis. We are stuck in the happiness illusion. We are living at the intersection of what we’re told to want, what we think we want, and what we truly want, stumbling to decipher each from the next. The When-Then Perfectionist Cycle Showered with the illusion that what […]

Right Here, Right Now

Jump off the new year’s resolution train and into the magic and mystery of the present moment. Ironically as I write this title, it takes me back to the dancefloor in 1999 with the inimitable Fatboy Slim. Can you hear the tune, maybe you were there? Back on that dance floor, I wasn’t anywhere but […]

Quitting Holiday Dread

Ahh, the holidays. That time of the year that’s universally regarded as both the most joyful and the most stressful. For those of who have families or perhaps a large community of a different sort, the holidays are a time that can potentially consist of stressing over finding the perfect gift and getting the travel […]

Neurodiversity and the Highly Sensitive Person

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”– Ernest Hemingway What is Neurodiversity? By Definition: (Wikipedia): “Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and mental health that argues various […]

Unearthing Your Past

How can emotional intelligence, being in the flow, and unearthing your past allow you to live a healthier, fulfilling, and more conscious life? Most of us would agree that being aware of your feelings, your triggers and how long it takes you to come back to yourself are the beginnings of a conscious life. This […]

The Power of Vulnerability

What does vulnerability MEAN to you? How can we ALLOW ourselves to be vulnerable? What does it FEEL like to be aligned with ourselves when dealing with emotional destruction? These are all things that we ask ourselves and ideas that cross our mind while going through emotional healing. When It All Aligns Life continues forward […]

When Living Healthy Life Isn’t Just About Eating Healthy

How can we grow into a living a healthy lifestyle besides just focusing on our nutrition? I’m a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, so it’s often I assumed that I eat healthy (fair assumption – always good to practice what you preach). However, in the midst of receiving comments, like: “You must always eat […]

How To Beat Holiday Burnout and Play The Festive Season With New Energy

Holiday Burnout is a very real thing. It’s starting to feel like the festive season has sprung – summer vibes have arrived in the Southern hemisphere and snowflakes are sprinkling Insta accounts throughout the North. Before we know it, Christmas parties and festivities will be in full swing. I’m a Christmas-week baby, so historically it’s […]

Quitting As Self-Care

A few years ago the term self-care appeared as a means of describing anything that a person does to take care of themselves, like getting a massage, meditating, going for a walk in nature, or taking a relaxing bath in essential oils.     All of the above are great ways to improve your physical and emotional […]

The Art of Surrender: Letting Go and Allowing

“When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.” – Gabby Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more…but doesn’t this mean I’ve been defeated? My 9-year old tends to worry about outcomes. He gets easily overwhelmed and becomes fearful. When I talked to him about surrendering and allowing, he said, “But mama, […]

A Veteran’s Angle – The Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for PTSD

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for PTSD For those of us who have never lived it first hand, PTSD is a complex concept to comprehend. Multidimensional and affecting various body systems, PTSD presents in a multitude of ways that make it difficult to treat. From feelings of guilt to nightmares, depression, and anxiety, PTSD is pervasive […]

Change: Why is it So Hard?

The end of September marks a change in seasons and the passing of time. I’m writing from New York City, where the weather is transitioning from summer to fall and slowly but surely getting cooler. The bountiful produce at the farmers market is shifting, the colors of the leaves are changing and there’s a different […]

Practices to Boost Your Positive Emotions

In my last post, I explained some of the research behind the power of our positive emotions. Since I’m a big proponent of understanding the why before moving onto the how, what I didn’t share is some reliable, empirically proven ways to both increase and maintain our positive emotions. Well, the time has come! To […]

Shadow Work: The Space Between Hurt and Healing

The Space Between Hurt and Healed There is a delicate space between hurt and healing. Often times going through something traumatic, earth shattering and soul retching can lead us to some very dark places. Fear can take over. We may feel lost, alone, pitted, empty, dark, and solemn. We may go from feeling content and […]

Positive Emotions: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

In an attempt to be completely honest and vulnerable, I want to share that I’m going through a tough time emotionally. It’s a big transition period for me, which is exciting, but hard. I know deep down that this time of my life is simply the start of something new and exciting. Nonetheless, there are […]

Awareness is Crucial for Micro-Resilience

Awareness is Where Micro-Resilience Begins In my most recent post, I introduced positive psychology as the foundation of micro-resilience and asked you to begin, continue or strengthen the practice of becoming more present in your daily life. The intention behind this ask was to help you expand your awareness of the varied emotions and thoughts […]

Positive Psychology: The Foundation of Micro-Resilience

Micro-Resilience and Positive Psychology My definition of micro-resilience calls for an expanded understanding of resilience – one that includes the daily, seemingly mundane negative emotions and events we all face. There are MANY ways to practice micro-resilience (more to come on that later!), but they are all rooted in positive psychology. Even though positive psychology serves as […]

A Case for Micro-Resilience

Hey, hi hello! I’m Sofia, and I’m so glad you’re here to learn about micro-resilience. We don’t know each other well yet, but as a member of the Wellness Force community and reader of this blog post, I already know that you’re dedicated to a life of learning, growth and living life well. The commitment […]

The Morning Routine Is Dead: Why Rituals Win Better Wellness

The difference between rituals and routines and why everyone should have a morning ritual. Routine Vs. Ritual Take a moment and reflect on what a typical morning looks like for you. What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes? Do you scroll through your phone and check your emails, texts, and […]

4 Things To Know When Buying Organic Foods

If you are a health conscious person, you probably are very selective of the types of food you eat, and the stores from which you buy them. And, if you’re not, then this blog might convince you to start taking a closer look when it comes to the food you’re buying. Whether you try to […]

Unlocking Wellness In A Busy World

Committing Yourself To Wellness In 2018 “Commitment” is often a word that frightens us. When we’re committed to something, we become responsible for it. We’re committed to our jobs, relationships, and the promises that we make. When it comes to wellness, since it’s a commitment to ourselves, it can easily be something that we back […]

Top 5 Healthy Habits to Change How You FEEL in 2018

Top 5 Healthy Habits to Change How You FEEL in 2018 Before we dive into some healthy habits to kick-start 2018, I think it’s important to talk a little bit about the ways in which many of us go about setting goals. According to Danielle LaPorte in her book The Desire Map, we tend to […]

Walking Fit With Digital Health

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”25844253″]   The human body was made to move. Naturally, at its most basic and fundamental level, walking as a form of fitness and enjoyment is literally hard-wired into our DNA. This begs the question then- why aren’t we doing it? Media outlets in the fitness space tend to focus on photos of chalk-handed CrossFitters […]

Nutrigenomics – Genetic Testing For Better Health

Discover Your Personalized Diet When diets that seem to work for everyone else don’t work for you, what can you do? Sometimes finding the right diet plan can feel like shopping for jeans. A style that may fit perfectly for others just isn’t right for you. There is something that may help!  It’s been recently […]

How To Keep The Holidays Stress-Free

Ready for a stress-free holiday this year? The holidays can be a rough time for millions of people; the stresses that come with getting holiday shopping, cooking, and organizing done can lead to anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse or suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, there are many little things you can do to combat these feelings […]

Boosting Wellness With Headphones

  In our advancing world, wearable technology is shaping and improving our wellness faster than ever before. Wearable technology comes in all forms including watches, fitness trackers, and of course, headphones. Headphones were originally created as a means to listen to music privately, but today, we have the ability to use them to improve our health […]

Gut Feeling: The Microbiome and Fiber

What is your gut feeling about gut health? The media is bloated with misinformation and spewing advice on how to optimize digestive health. This can be overwhelming and leave you feeling queasy just trying to understand it all.  I’ve sifted through the research and have gotten to “the bottom” of it.  Continue reading to learn how […]

Running For Your Wellness With Elite Runner Tuna Muir

  After reading about my running accolades, you may not believe me when I say this, but I have not always enjoyed running. Hated it in fact. The first time my high school had a mandatory cross-country trial, I hid in the bathrooms. I did not even want to be considered, cross country practice within […]

5 Ways Wellness Technology Can Save Your Waistline This Holiday

You started 2016 off with the best of intentions but your waistline says otherwise. You had fitness goals, some new gadgets and maybe you even signed up for a race (or 5!) We all did… But by the time beer and football season rolled around in the fall, those ambitions seemed a little fuzzy. As you hunker […]

Is Digital Health Leaving Senior Fitness Behind?

Edna is a 97 year old Arizonian who hits the gym harder than many Americans. Starting at age 90, she’s stayed accountable by working out with her personal trainer twice a week for almost a decade, claiming the workouts make her “as present and productive as possible.” Although her story is an inspiration to senior fitness training, […]

Food Addiction – How To Repair Your Brain

It is easy for our culture to accept the word “addiction” when we are talking about cocaine, heroin, cigarettes and even caffeine, but it is not so easily accepted when we pair the word “addiction” with food. However, the effect on the brain with substance use is very similar to the effect on the brain […]

Help Love Thrive: Do This Before Your Next “Fight”

There’s just no escaping it… From “You left the cap off the toothpaste” to “Do you still love me?”, every relationship faces disagreements, fears and uncertainties that can lead to conflicts both great and small. It usually begins with unresolved feelings of hurt or resentment. We “smuggle” these negative feelings, often hiding or denying them […]

Wellness Travel

Wellness and travel can be an interesting and powerful mix. According to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness travel is a niche growing market that combines the benefits of traveling  – which enables us to disconnect from everyday life and widens our perspectives with the possibility of engaging in a structured well-being program and learn a […]

Stella Wearables: Monitor UV Exposure

Stella wearables measure UV radiation levels, and then notifies you when you are about to be overexposed to UV rays. Stella also tracks your activity levels, sleeping patterns, and daily Vitamin D intake from the sun. All a user has to do is, select their skin type (Fitzpatrick Scale), a form of protection (SPF) and allow […]

Finding Stillness – The Yoga of Transformation

There was this slow awakening in me until one day I decided: I am going to apply to yoga teacher training. Teaching yoga is something I’d wanted for a long time, but still– the prompt came a little out of nowhere, and quietly. It took me matter-of-factly by surprise and was so clear and true […]

Wellness & Genetics: Express Yourself

[spp-player url=”] Remember when you were 7 years old and you got caught drawing with crayons on the wall in your room? What was your first response? Either fully own up to it or, most likely at that age, peel back and dive into 100% denial. When it comes to our wellness in the modern […]

Post Workout Snacks: Protein for Recovery

  You’ve been hitting the gym regularly and amped up your routine, but you haven’t seen the results you’re looking for. Your post-workout food choices may be the reason. Having healthy snack options on hand to refuel after a workout plays an important part in ensuring you get the most out of your fitness routine. […]

Top Fitness Apps To Get You Results

Looking for a new app to explore to help you reach those fitness goals you set this year?  There are so many fitness apps out there but which ones really bring results? Top Fitness Apps To Get You Results Fitness apps now help provide you with everything you need to get those results you want, […]


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