At-Home Urine Testing: Healing Hidden Health Problems

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At-Home Urine Testing

This is episode 450 Miray Tayfun | Listening To Your Body's Voice: Physical Intuition, Better Hydration & Less Oxidative Stress with Vivoo.

I came across this company that was using the phrase, “listening to your body's voice,” and I immediately resonated with their messaging.

So much so that I wanted to bring them to you for an in-depth conversation with the co-founder and CEO of Vivoo.

Vivoo, co-founded by Miray Tayfun, is the world’s first at-home urine test that provides personalized lifestyle and nutritional advice based on your results. 

It tracks 11 parameters: Vitamin C, Magnesium, Salinity, Oxidative Stress, Calcium, pH, Hydration, Ketones, Nitrite, and Kidney & Liver functions. 

You can get your results in just 90 seconds in the comfort of your home; take the wheel on your health and wellness journey now.

Miray has completed her undergraduate studies in Bioengineering. She has graduated from Stanford postgraduate programs specializing in Go-to-Market Strategies as well as Diet and Gene Expression. 

Healing Hidden Health Problems

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The origin story of this incredible technology that uses urine to track biomarkers.
  • How to learn in real-time if you are chronically dehydrated.
  • The different biomarkers that the urine strip technology can track for you.
  • How to use technology like this as a healthy mirror of mindfulness instead of mindlessness?
  • Using the good side of tech and machine learning to help you with your well-being like never before.
  • Tracking and understanding our oxidative stress and unpacking the MDA biomarker.
  • And this is a big one for the coffee drinkers, is coffee good or bad for you? 
  • You'll learn about individual food and beverage recommendations from this urine test strip which is so powerful.
  • Vivoo’s incredible bio-tracking design for the best results.

Listen to Your Body's Voice

This is a really fascinating episode and we talked a lot about dehydration. 

And it's so easy for us to be dehydrated. 

These tests will give you a better barometer for your internal environment to be more well over time.

Within 90 seconds, Vivoo, lets you see with your eyes what your body's voice is asking for.

Which will translate to so many other things flourishing in your life!

I really love this company's mission, I think you're going to love it too.

Make sure you head over to the show notes page at to learn more about this company.


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